Food was great, soup was thick and sauce was the best. Ordered the dry prawn noodles and it went really well with the ngoh hiang. However the restaurant was a little hot and think the ventilation could be better, other than that the soup will go really well in a cold weather

The food was great over there, ordered the dory seafood soup and the prawns were huge.
The freshness of both the prawns and the fish added depth to the already very nice broth. Quality wise, there were alot of prawn, fish and pork. I would definitely recommend anyone to try this place.

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We ordered the Pork BBQ Set, it came with pork jowl and pork belly. The meat was generous and they even helped us to cook it. The set also included free flow side dishes which tasted amazing and also it came with a bacon kimchi fried rice. We also ordered the half fried chicken which was nicely fried and came with a very appetising sauce.
All in all, the experience was great and would definitely go back again.

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Diving into a burst of flavors, the Tiger Prawn Laksa Pasta is damn good! It's like a wild combo of laksa and pasta in a single dish – the creamy, coconutty laksa vibe plays so well with the juicy prawns and perfectly cooked pasta. The Truffle Kombu Fries are like regular fries went to a fancy party and came back with a truffle-infused swagger. But the star of the show gotta be the Truffle Chicken Ballotine. Imagine super tender chicken wrapped up in this truffle hug – it's like a fancy chicken nugget for grown-ups. Altogether, it's a flavor rollercoaster you won't wanna get off from.

Totally recommend the place and would go back again for the good food and ambience.


Ordered the golden carolina pork ribs. The meat was very tender and portion was very good. The truffle fries was worth the upgrade of $3. Ambience was great as well. The manager was very nice and courteous.

Some problems we had was that they only served us the complimentary plain water after sitting down for awhile and that there was a problem with system that delayed our order.

Overall experience was great