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Just chocolate fudge, it's not a cake by any measure. Tiny portion too but good enough for 2 as it gets abit boring quick. Decent if you know what you're in for

Average, filling was a bit stingy, the wrapping was not perfectly Al dente, and the sauce was abit jelak and lacking in flavour. They've got better items

Delicious as well, with the banana hidden within the tart and plays off the chocolate so well. The bulldog vinegar ice cream and salted vinegar caramel add a tad of sourness to the dessert. Enjoyable, but a bit unique w the flavour pairings, thus it's not for everyone. Gets abit jelak also, so good to share between 2.

Maybe my winner of the meal, the supple creme brulee had a thin crunchy sugar top and the freshness of the lime zest and foam lifted everything w its freshness. Sour cream ice cream was zested and so well balanced, didn't taste off at all. What a masterpiece, creme brulee lovers definitely need to give this place a try

Soft but a teeny bit starchy, the spinach gnocchi has a well crusted surface. The herbaceous sauce had a nuanced but unique flavour, but the gorgonzola? was a little too strong for me(my dining partner found it perfectly fine though). Not for everyone, esp those who aren't used to blue cheese, so I won't comment further. Though I have to point out it's definitely not due to execution

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It's done "bak kwa" style, but that's an understatement to the amount of effort taken to refine the characteristics of a bakkwa marinade. Super well balanced marinade, incredibly tender and juicy pork, as well as a sauce that was as intense as it was layered. The pickled cabbage was noteworthy as well. MUST TRY!

Prawns were soft yet slightly crunchy, really well cooked and interesting. The ham, bread crisps and pea? puree all came together nicely to go along w the sweet and complex gazpacho which was clean and satisfying at the same time.

Absolutely delicious. As described their squid was full of umami and crispy too, pairing well with the soy sauce and the tamarind dressing

As good as the original branch, some people might find it a tad dry but it's damn near perfect imo