Chicken > pork. Pork slightly dry. Comes w rice, refillable miso soup, 2 ebi (so fresh), 2 fried oysters (my partner says this is good), 2 karaage (not crispy/hot)

Love the baked snapper w sambal aioli. Fish was fresh & pair super well w the sauce. However portion abit small. Crabmeat capellini was creamy & had lots of crab meat. Angus burg was huge & juicy, came w lots of curly fries too.
Location was ulu, prolly need a car to get there

Love the dark choco basque cake which is quite rich. Good for sharing as it’s quite jelat. Signature dark choco cake was mostly sponge & quite dry

Small portion. Tiger prawns were oos so it was replaced w salmon. Salmon skin was crispy & scallop were fresh.

Unagi was quite small in portion. Mentai tamago combi is 👌🏻. Snow crab pasta taste like chilli crab sauce w lots of meat

Smoked salmon bagel consist of japaleno which is spicy but it’s thicc. Love the kimchi toast which is crispy

Taro soya beancurd (taro balls & mini taro balls): mini balls size & texture are perfect, taro balls are slightly too big.
Healthy peach gum soya beancurd (red bean, jelly, mini taro balls): jelly is refreshing

All the pasta we have tried are quite good! Coffee was good was well. Worth the 1-1! Hopefully they dont restrict the remaining vouchers for weekend use. Only 2 vouchers valid for all day. While another 2 is for mon-thurs lunch only.

Mushroom Soup $4
Chilli Crab and Shrimp Pasta $20
Mushroom Poppers $10
Korean Beef Tacos $18
Smoked Salmon Cabonara $20
Seafood Arrabbiata $20

30% off total bill. Weekend brunch. Food was alright, not the best but not bad either.

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Choco muffin was a lil dry but paired well w the choco on top. Blueberry lavender cake was moist & fragrant. Serve w free flow water

Salmon was seared perfectly. Skin was crispy on the outside, the meat was juicy & tender on the inside. Fries were crispy & well-seasoned as well. Prawns were big & fresh. Pasta could hv slightly more seasoning / taste. Portion was quite small tho