Used burpple beyond and ordered the truffle pork chop ($16) and ribeye steak ($21). Value for money and tastes good. Medium rare steak nicely done. Highlight of the meal was the sides - cheesy broccoli and mac & cheese. Perhaps due to the fact that i’m a cheese lover, but the sides were really really tasty! :)

Used burpple beyond for $29.90++ set for two. Chill place and worth it for the amount of food, which includes 2 salads, 2 miso clam soup (with clams!), 4 chicken wings, 2 green tea and 2 mains. Ordered the mentaiko kaisen don (super alot of ingredients and tasty!) and the unagi don (average tasting). Restaurant also gave 2 hard boiled egg on the house (which went great with the salad). Great!!

Used burpple beyond 1-for-1 so quite worth it. Topped up $2 for the truffle sea salt which went well with the steak. Steak itself was okay, it has no whisky taste at all. Ordered medium rare doneness but my steak was mostly medium. Overall 3.5/5 for steak.

Also ordered the Sweet Potato Fries with Rum Mayo ($10). The mayo really has slight rum taste, goes really well with the fries. Super good!!! 5/5 for the fries.