For the price, this is a lot of food given. It gives a very homly feeling, fills your belly adequately and satisfies your cravings. Note that the chilli may be spicy for some people.

Two things stood out to me:
1) Wow that’s a lot of toast
2) Wow that’s a lot of dips

Go crazy with the dips I think are butter, maple syrup, cream and more. It’s really filling and if you have a sweet tooth, go for this dish!

You get what you ordered. Served medium rare, it is a good steak. Well grilled, juicy and not too hard to chew. Still a good cut despite that it doesn’t really melt in your mouth. The sides are still pretty good. One of the recommendations if you want a simply good steak!

Recently started trending on Beyond so decided to give it a try and was not disappointed. Newly opened in a cosy but chill dining area, there is the light aroma of the charcoal in air from the oven.

As for the food, it earns a solid “WOW”. The tuna for one was tasty and was not fishy in anyway. There’s definitely the charcoal grill taste in the food which adds to the flavour. The grilled ladies fingers also were exceptionally, especially for someone who really hates ladies fingers. I would highly recommend this dish.

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This mix is really interesting. The caramel popcorn has an obvious taste to it for sure but the soft serve has a smooth yet savoury taste to it that makes you go think it is and it is not miso. It was a nice way to end the meal although it was a bit small.

The roasted meat here is done well. The meat is chewy and the skin is roasted to a perfect crisp that is easy to chew. Would be back here again!

If you want a roll with a more tangy and sweet flavour mixed in the creamy filling, this is the one to go for. The roll is still altogether very light and pairs perfectly with coffee or tea.

Got this as part of a set with a small teapot of tea. The rolls are really quite pleasant. The sponge layer is not the most fluffy but they really so go all out with the cream in their rolls. The earl grey flavour was just nice - not too subtle nor too powerful. Great for an early breakfast or a mid afternoon snack!

The one problem with this meal is that it’ll eventually end. The large portion size is very reasonable for the price they give and even if it turns out small, it is still very filling. The beef slices and are well cooked and lightly peppered and doused with their own white sauce (I think it tastes a bit like mayo-ish?). The rice buried under all this is also enriched with a sweet savoury sauce to complement the beef. Come here if you are looking for a good don that is worth your money!

Beyond offers a deal for 2 dons at $20!

Despite the many good reviews praising this dish on burpple, unfortunately this dish was disappointingly below average. The pasta was plain and simply doused in olive oil. There was a lot of crab meat but there wasn’t a nice blend to the pasta. Overall, I wouldn’t have recommended this in the first place. I would choose the cream pastas if you had to eat here. Otherwise, the food is not really worth the price I’m afraid.

惡魔雞排 Good in Taiwan, still good here in Singapore. The cutlet sizes are huge and cooked to a perfect balance of a tasty and crispy batter and and juicy interior. There are 2 flavours listed which is essentially spicy and non-spicy. Highly recommend if you live near Jcube!

The chicken wings are fried fresh, as is the egg. The chicken has a very tasty batter with juicy and tender meat on the inside. It really does satisfy any fried chicken cravings you have.