Very generous portion including the beef. A bit costly but they made it up with a reasonable taste. #thaifood #sawasdeekhrup

Serves 3-4 normal eaters / The noodles definitely reminded me of the instant noodles cooked by my Indo-mates back at Uni. Miss those days.

The most worth item on the menu. Other items are grossly over-charged. Fried rice and Indomie costing at least $10.

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Definitely looks not as tasty as the one on the menu; but the taste is fine. Can’t stop myself from drinking the soup. HALAL by the way.

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As with other wraps, this fills you up for hours, in a healthy way.

Instead of usual Indian Mutton Chop / Faheem Plaza

Strong taste of sweet potato alright. And over time as everything blends it tastes more like sweet potato milk (think of almond milk). And the bungeoppang is a cute complement for the drink.

Fancy your usual drumlets coated with the same sauce as the topokki sauce? Didn’t taste the spiciness? Don’t speak too soon... the spiciness creeps in later.

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Are you haebi that there’s a lot of prawns? Generous serving of prawns in this aglio olio with Asian twist

A balanced meal of carbs, protein and fibre.