Order 4 different Chicken to try. Overall my dining experience was a wondrous joy.

Crunch chicken in boneless is good for those who is too lazy to get oneself busy with bones and all. Is a healthier version that doesnt use oil but baked. The meat for the thigh are chunky, juicy tender and succulent and it doesnt taste dry.

Half fried rice chicken was neatly cut into pieces and served in a tray made of wooden beer barrel. The fried rice chicken use rice flour as coating. The batter was light and the chicken fried to perfect crispiness yet retaining moist tender meat. The skin felt crunchier and less greasy than most other fried chicken.

Half Sauced Rice Chicken in Original Mild, with mild level of spiciness of the sauce was crunchy, sweet, spicy and flavourful on the outside and juicy, hot and tender on the inside. All the chicken are well coated with the mild spicy sauce, and in my opinion, the sauce is pretty spicy. 

Half Sauced Soy Sauce boasts a crunchy exterior and moist inside, slicked with a glistening, caramelised sweet sauce that hits all the right spots.

If chicken is not your dish, can try their army stew which is also comforting and worth the calories.

Pizzamaru have 2 types of dough; green tea and black rice. I love their patented green tea dough most and my favourite flavor will be Cheesy Maru Oppa! Filled with Maru spiced chicken, chicken ham, broccoli, alfredo sauce, BBQ sauce, sour cream, mozzarella cheese. What I super enjoyed is the thick puffy pizza crust. It has the pillowy soft texture and the cream cheese within it gives a nice texture to the bite and flavour. 
Spam Tower is not just Instagram worthy but very delish with its layers of rice, fried kimchi, chicken spam, onion, mushroom, egg, topped with potato crisp, parmesan cheese and a dash of Sriracha sauce. One bite instant bliss.
The fried chicken nicely fried into golden brown that result in a crunchy crispy skin. It's crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. They offer many sauce or topping options to choose from.

The cream puff has a crispy exterior and come in the size of a gigantic ball with the luscious custard cream that is being whipped with BIEI Jersey Milk that filled to the brim. It overflows the moment you sinks your teeth into it. Despite being so rich and creamy, it's doesnt feel jelak but light. It's definitely oh-so-addictive to indulge. #burrple

The puff had a cookie like crust and crunchy exterior. It's airy, crispier and flaky yet much lighter when you bite in.
Generously stuffed with a rich fluffy and light cream. The durian puff was the best! Also like the cream ones too, not clingy and heavy at all. 

The puff is deep-fried till golden brown perfection and yet it is not too greasy. The pastry is buttery and goes down the throat extremely sinfully delicious. The filling within is also dense and compact.

The crisp layers of this croissant flake away nicely as you bite into it and the spicy shrimp and floss flavour brings croissants to a whole new level.

The sandwiches are delicious. In TW is known as scallion pancake which is very popular. The skin of sandwich is very similar to our roti prata here. Is crispy and very satisfying. They were many sauces to pick to add to the sandwich. Brought 2 flavours to try. The Peking Duck sandwich and Liang sandwich.
The peking duck meat is succulent, tender and juicy. The sauce also brings out the flavour of the meat. The added lettuce and cucumber are the perfect compliment and add dimension. It's refreshing while adding the extra crunch. The liang sandwich has plenty of vegetables and the chicken was savoury, flavorful and tender. The special sauce compliments the entire sandwich. Overall both sandwiches are crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Recommend the peking duck if you only have stomach for 1.

Tuck in Chinatown Point easy to locate. The fleshly bake original cheese tart is very milky with a strong cheesy taste. The crust is crumbly and the cheese filling is very thick and creamy. It melt in your mouth. They come in 3 flavours; original, chocolate and matcha. At the price of $3.20 each is worth it.

Jinjja Chicken is different as the place & decor is simple. No frills cafe setting. Location is excellent, just few shops away from Bugis Street entrance & opposite Bugis Junction Mall. Is really a must try! Alot of variety of korean food. Ranging from jjajangmyeon to kimbap and to chicken wings. Fusion food such as kimchi fries, burgers and such. Their pricing is very affordable and the taste is really good!

Simply love their finger licking good wings! I try their Soy Garlic and Yangnyeom wings and they are fabulous. The taste is not just the outside or skin of the chicken, it sips through inside the meat. I recommend yangneom flavour for the chicken wing. It is a little spicy only and if you can't take spicy, the soy flavour is not spicy at all. To differentiate them, the Yangnyeom (spicy) has black sesame seeds while the Soy Garlic has white sesame seeds!

Tried their jjajangmyeon and jjampong set too and it was really good. Jjajjangmyeon is good for those who prefers non-spicy noodles. Jjampong is spicy so you actually get the best of both world in a set of half jjampong and half jjajang. 

For people who prefer rice can try their bibimbap. A bed of rice lies at the bottom of your bowl and a plethora of minced chicken, carrots, cucumber, kimchi, seaweed, egg and some sauce on top. So you mix it all up and dig in! Tasty!

I simply in love with their Seafood Mandu too. The Mandu has a great crispy exterior that you’re gonna love chomping down on to get that great crisp. Inside this little parcel of yumminess is prawns and chives. It comes with soy-sesame sauce drizzled over it and it is an absolutely perfect pairing and addictive.

The tteobokki and fries is recommended too. Tteobokki has a little bit of a hard n chewy texture, served with sauce that is quite spicy. Really good!

The ordering is by self order machine. I order the red bean ice blended and roasted wheat latte with honey pearl topping. Review was that red bean ice blended was inspired by ice kachang hence the drink is born. Taste nothing ice kachang but potong red bean icecream. Very nostalgic taste and nice however for this price I wouldn't buy again as I can just buy potong redbean icecream which is cheaper and taste the same. The roasted wheat latte taste earthy and something different. Not too bad in taste and the honey pearl is quite chewy. Heard the cooked pearls are soaked with honey so that they can absorb the flavour. Because the pearls have no artificial ingredients, they have are clear in colour rather than brown. Understand they are famous for taro milk. Maybe will try their famous taro milk next time.

Japanese teahouse that specialises in matcha desserts and drinks. They also serve food as well though not a wide range. Order the Cha-Nabe Pork Shabu Tom Yum & Salmon Miso. You can have a choice of udon or Japanese rice inside the broth. Recommending the miso broth. It was thick and flavourful that complemented the udon noodles really well. Come with a dollop of mashed potato as side dish that was ultra smooth and light with bits of corn. It definitely whetted my appetite. Lastly the matcha tea is really nice and comforting that help end the meal well. 

The gyoza is really good. And the seafood set was great as well. But the highlight really is the dessert (must order definitely) and the matcha tea that is so rich in taste. Just look at the photos and let them do the talking! The place is very small therefore be prepared to wait for seats during peak hours and weekend. The service level is average.