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Sometimes you just want a good simple bowl of handmade noodles, and this is one to go for when you're around the area. For this Dumplings Mee Hoon Kueh ($3.50) the soup itself is probably the best part, and they use fish bones to get that flavourful broth. The kueh itself is fantastic, as it has a good bite and you don't really taste the dough. Dumplings itself has a good bite, and has pretty sizable amount of filling!

Uncle told me they made their mee hoon Kuey themselves but what came out was perfectly flattened mee hoon Kuey torn by hand! Nonetheless they were thin and not as clumpy as the ones I've had, meat portion was generous and covered w 花蝶酒!! Sometimes hearty and light for dinner at a cost of $3.30, checked

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