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From the Burpple community

Brain food for an afternoon of paper writing. Need to learn how to split my runny eggs horizontally instead! #yumfood #homecooked

Deep fried black promphet fish with garlic and ginger shreds. And just like that, 90 days have gone by... Dad goes back to work, the dog died and we've less than 3 months to the end of 2013! I really want to get this year over and done with. #fish #homecooked #familybusiness

Three egg spinach. With extra topping of prawns...just because I had some. #homecooked #veggies #protein

What's become of last night's leftover crab broth. Seafood sauce for meals tmr! Spiced it up with portobellos, tomatoes, spring onion, herbs and crab meat.

Today's sweet ending. Blueberry, banana smoothie with Greek yoghurt, honey, milk and chia seeds. #desserts

I felt like carbs tonight. So I had a angel hair truffle capellini (the angel hair wasn't thin enough IMO) with a raw organic egg. #yumfood #pasta #carbs #yum #singapore #fusion #asianstyle