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Came here initiallywith the intention to check out the strawberry bingsu, which was one of the bestsellers, but unfortunately the season of strawberry had ended, with watermelon being the seasonal flavour for now. Unfortunately this didn’t disappoint as the watermelons were really fresh, juicy and sweet. An incopious amount of strawberry slices were also present atop the watermelon cubes, which came as a pleasant surprise and added a tangy note. The milk flavoured sherbet felt more like a sorbet instead of bingsu, which was smooth with a light, slightly icy texture that carries off a distinct, aromatic dairy flavour and fragrance. Tasted great in silo without the need for an extra side of condensed milk to drizzle over! 👍🏻 Each bingsu order also comes with a side of red bean and chewy rice cakes. On a side note, I simply fancy the fact that the bingsu here comes in a solo-friendly size, as observed from some diners around us having one portion of bingsu to their own each instead of sharing. Although sharing is caring, this is a good treat to indulge in when craving kicks in, or when the weather shows no mercy, without worrying about the aftermath of food waste or over-indulgence! 🙂 .
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Homilpat is one of the patbingsu cafe that I think serves the best bingsu around, so how can I not bring my friends there and try it?! Red Bean Watermelon, available only on seasonal basis, has big cubes of juicy watermelon placed on fine milky shaved ice. There's also a separate bowl of homemade red bean and tteok (Korean rice cake) that you can scoop and eat with 💕


Sinchon's well-known patbingsu shop; Homilpat! Amazing finely shaved flavored ice 👍

Met up with my beloved @gluttontan and she brought me to this famous place for bingsu! That's milk and macha it's really damn good! #bingsu #softice #melts #foodporn #seoulqiu #holiday