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From the Burpple community

At 1500jpy, this simple natto soba is a steal at this price. Beyond the Michelin guide, Tamawari is also the number one Soba restaurant on Tabelog, a Japanese food review site. I like to use tabelog as a reference point against the Michelin guide. You can trust the Japanese foodies here. Tamawari's signature Natto soba comes with a raw egg yolk, onions, bonito flakes, sea weed, hand made soba noodles and of course natto. Mix them together for a explosion of flavours and texture. This is hands down the best bowl of soba I've ever had!


Stirred together it became sticky and gooey and the natto was delicious, unlike the one I tried in Singapore and made me think it inedible. The bonito flakes and seaweed added flavour and the soba was the star, just cooked and gritty in texture with bite. You know it's good when you hold the bowl to your lips to slurp up every last drop and your neighbour does the same :) the perfect dish to end off my second solo trip.