From the Burpple community

I smell food! Did you bring food? I want food! Hmmm watcha looking at?

#salad for #dinner tonight! Mixed greens, pan seared tuna, mandarins, edamame(soy beans), avocado, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds with wasabi soy dressing. Oh, and a rosemary breadstick 😁

Packing lunch to work in less than 2 minutes! Avocado and apple baked ham sandwich 😍

Newest addiction! Perfect to nom with a cup of ☕or🍵at work while ahem not stressing ahem.

Reward for self (read: impulse shopping) strawberries from Japan! 30 dollars for 9...that's 3.30 dollars for one 🍓😰

My very first attempt at making a fondant cake 2 years ago - chocolate and peanut butter! Happy birthday dear @gabechan, not in Perth this year but I would surely make you one the next time!! 🎂