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From the Burpple community

Breakfast breakfast! Fav #breakfast since I don't hv to work! :D #BK

叉烧烧肉面 (Char siew and roast pork noodles). Miss is soooooooo much!

Cocktail tasting session at home again! Grapefruit mango cocktail (no chic name for it) - fresh grapefruit, mango syrup, rum, shaken with ice. Really simple;)

Really really proud of this. Vietnam coffee butterscotch cocktail - single shot viet coffee, milk, butterscotch syrup, kahlua, rum and Irish knight. Shaken REAL HARD (for more foam!) 😉

Next up, oven roasted duck breast! Pan-sear skin side down for the crisp first.

Ok it's finally my turn to shine! Mango lemon cocktail - fresh mango, lemon juice, vodka, mango syrup, shaken and strain with ice.