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From the Burpple community

Lunch was Tendon at #donmeijinsg - the rice bowl came with 2 prawns, chicken and fish fillet, green pepper, french bean, pumpkin, and crab meat. The Tempuras were fried to perfection - and you get that crunch in every bite. The rice portion was pretty large though - was only able to eat half of it. However, the Chawanmushi that came with the lunch set was disappointing - although the texture was smooth and silky - it was a little blend - could definitely use a little more Dashi.

sadly the kopitiam gonna have a change of hands, Tai Hong Fishballs will still be there, but the unker told me he wont be there liao, average CTK taste tho, but still fills my tummy's growl. #chinesefood #chinese #carrotcake #whati8today #8DAYSEat #burpple

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Spicy Nikumashi Ramen from Buta God. OMNOMNOM I'M IN HEAVEN! @kengyang270 said this was a little too salty but hey us Indons love heavily flavoured food!! So yay for me!! #food #foodporn #singapore #ramenchampion #japanese

I really miss eating CoCo Ichibanya, so today I decided to have my lunch here. My favourite Omelet Hashed Beef! Yums!

Fried chicken, lemon lime grilled chicken, coleslaw and fries. Happy April Fools' Day!