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From the Burpple community

名厨车老板’s rendition of La La White Bee Hoon ($16, serves 2-3pax) is definitely a wetter version than many others. 😍😍😍 Served piping hot in a claypot, this bubbling bowl initially resembled beehoon soup, but later became less soupy after the beehoon has absorbed the essence of the broth. 🤤
Stoked to see so much clams - this is probably the white beehoon with the most generous amount of clams I’ve ever seen! ❤ Fresh with no fishy taste, these clams had a nice chewy texture! 👌🏻
Was envisioning a broth with natural sweetness & imparted by the clams but unfortunately, the intense wine & garlic flavours were so overwhelming that they overpowered the seafood goodness. 😔 While it was still decent & had a nice little spicy kick from the addition of chilli padi in the broth 👍🏻, I was just disappointed to be denied of that umami that I was looking forward to. My friends really liked it though!
While I think that there is room for improvement to be my ideal white beehoon, this should still be a hearty soupy eat especially on rainy days! 😋

We were looking for a cosy place for lunch after our hike & settled for 名厨车老板, located beside Casuarina Curry (cuz we had that for breakfast!🤣). It is a Hong Kong style restaurant with a wide range of food selection, ranging from roast meats, zichar, dimsum to toasts. 😉
What makes a good plate of Wanton Noodles? 🤔 To me, all the various elements play a part – the noodles, wantons, char siew & not forgetting the sauce. 💕
Here is how I think their rendition ($4.50) fared:
🔹️The noodles are allegedly imported from Hong Kong & boasts of egg fragrance. While I really liked the texture of the egg noodles - springy with a firm bite ✔, there seems to be a lack of flavor & fragrance. Found the soy sauce that coats the noodles to be overly modest, making the noodles a rather plain-tasting one. 😔
🔹️The wantons claimed to be the authentic HK-style, with a prawn in each one. While I did not manage to verify that claim (cuz I only found out later 🤣), the dumplings were plump with lightly-seasoned minced meat filling with a good chew. 😋😋😋 The wanton skin was thin & silky smooth which held the generous filling nicely. 👍🏻 Would be better if the dumplings were more well-seasoned!
🔹️Their char siew was relatively lean but not overly tough, which was to my liking. 👌🏻 Could be more tender though! I’d very much like my char siew to be more charred for that deep aroma & to be coated generously with the savoury sticky savoury-sweet sauce, but this one did not tick those boxes.😔
And what’s with that 2 meagre stalks of kangkong – for décor? 😭 Veges cant be so pricey right! On the whole, this plate was nothing more than ordinary. While it wasn’t bad, I felt it was lacking in depth of flavours. Maybe this would fit the bill of an healthier option.

today's small run at upper thoman but big breakfast! the 油ness, 滑ness, and 嫩ness here is omg "mou tak teng". don't belittle the limpy shaped lou mai kai, this wetter-than-usual is actually a must-try if you ask me!

afternote: quality of noodles is exceptional. dapao for hours and noodles remained springy!


A good wanton must have black fungus, prawn (one whole) and dried flat fish (of cos with some good minced pork).


Today I am also recommend their roasted duck (unfortunately the last I ate their roasted pork, it wasn't good). They are only the few stalls in Singapore which also served roasted goose (must pre-order). Great place for family and friends gathering.


The boss simply rubbed the chicken with salt and steam it with spring onions and ginger. .
After you had tried it with their in-house ginger sauce, you might think twice before going to other steamed chicken rice stalls.