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From the Burpple community

Came here and saw quite a number of people eating porridge so decided to get it as well. Ordered the century egg pork porridge.

The porridge was tasty and came with cai poh, shallots, minced pork, century egg and you tiao. Everything went well together. The only disappointment was the soft you tiao.

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Had craving for this sesame oil/soy sauce/ chilli padi par-boil fish skin every once in a while. Its always nice.

Loves the porridge from here. Good n cheap. Always order the century egg porridge with sliced fish and extra youtiao. The porridge gets better with the seasame oil/sliced chilli padi sauce from the slice fish. My fav goes to comfort food.

A bowl of hot pork with century egg porridge with a beatened egg plua the you tiao. It’s just so warming!

From Ri Ji Porridge
Only $3 a bowl of comforting pork porridge.

QS 269 Food House


Plain ccf, yet almost like yuan yang. Soy sauce/sesame oil on one side, sweet sauce on the other. Even more interesting, it's topped with an oily mixture of hae bee and shallots. Unfortunately, the rice roll itself was hard, which came across as either not fresh or not good.