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From the Burpple community

Popiah - 薄饼. A wrap like local snack that is filled with generous spread of sweet savory sauce, cooked turnip, beansprouts, hard-boiled egg and crashed peanuts.
Venue: Bishan Auntie Kim's Popiah at Khatib Central
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Post Valentines Brunch 💕:
1. Salad w Homemade Asian Sesame Dressing 🍂
2. Corn & Chicken Mushroom Soup 🍄
3. Chicken Mushroom Aglio Olio 🍝
4. Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice-cream Sandwich 🍪
Always love cooking w @sammiesaurus! 😚

Truly Singapore, our first traditional hawker dinner together! (Feng Shan Food Centre)✌✌✌👯👯 @sammiesaurus @louiselqy @joeyboogies @jossychen @lyddiaaaa

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