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This is from Yu Pin Yuan Iced and Hot Tangyuan, which specialises in hot sesame and peanut dumplings on shaved ice drizzled with osmanthus syrup.

There are many other choices but get these 冰火湯圓 which are Ice-Fire Dumplings.
I would say eat the balls fast, to experience that hot thin skin before it gets harder due to the ice.
Oozy peanut fillings, with fragrant osmanthus syrup.
At the more under rated Tong Hua Night Market. Worthy to try.


Osmanthus Ice topped with hot assorted Tangyuan (riceballs)that gives that hot/cold contrast in the mouth. Was still doubting if the riceballs would be hardened but nope, these sesame and peanut riceballs are still soft while holding the rich filling. The ice was drizzled with osmanthus syrup and no surprise, we added 2 more scoops of that to our ice. Refreshing and i absolutely love this!
📸: EU

The first time I had them was in a take away box. Nothing like having them steaming hot!

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Here are some black sesame and peanut paste filled ones in osmanthus syrup.

The skin is so smooth and so thin, and one bite, the fillings (peanut on top, black sesame, bottom) really hit you. So good and fragrant. Initially I had chided my sister for buying 10 of these, saying we were too stuffed from dinner but I finished half of them in no time. So good. The soup made from fermented Chinese rice wine and egg drop grew on me.

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