A • Toast - Breakfast & Juice Bar (Pudu)

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A humble breakfast bar serving variety choices of fresh handmade sandwiches and fresh mixed juices before the dawn!

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Was confused what they meant by fried potatoes but it turned out to be crispy hash browns, which worked brilliantly with the gooey egg.
The sandwiches here are huge so prepare to make a mess!
PS. They provide gloves so make use of that to avoid getting your hands dirty.

If only I work near Pudu, I’ll be stopping by this cute little shack every morning for a wholesome breakfast.
Fluffy charcoal toasts stuffed to the brim with sweet and spicy chicken floss, omelette, cheese and vegetables. I can have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Creamy scrambled eggs, fluffy charcoal toast, crispy hash browns and regular ham slice & sausages. Overall a pretty mediocre plate. Would recommend to dive straight for their sandwiches instead.

🥪 BAMBOO CHARCOAL TOAST SANDWICH with (scrambled egg, cheese&chicken floss) ‼️[RM9.30]

❤️—RATING 10/10— A•toast is one of a hidden gem in Jalan Pudu. It’s a little store by the roadside and well known for their scrumptious sandwiches 😍they just opened their second branch of store in kepong lately. they serve a variety of mouthwatering breakfast food (sandwiches, tortilla, fruit juices and more..)their sandwiches are generously loaded with toppings. My favourite is their bamboo charcoal toast above💖 it is hard to go wrong with sandwich and egg. The charcoal bread is so fluffy and tastes so good(not weird at all) the chicken floss topped on it makes the whole sandwich better and heavenly good. As u can tell from the pic, this sandwich is very instagrammable📸 overall, this’s a fantastic breakfast spot✨

Simple and affordable sandwiches. The charcoal bread was soft and fluffy with scrambled eggs, cheese and floss. Definitely one of my favourites. Cheesy chicken sandwich was good as well.

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Egg is main influence in this meal, but I am not that like it as not so creamy as I wanted with mushroom inside.