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With extremely diligent and welcoming service, dinners are offered an exceptional dinning experience. The waitress carefully explains items listed on the menu, the origins of the salt, all in an informative manner.
Then let’s talk about what we’re here for, the steaks.
First, the Flat Iron (Oyster Blade) Stockyard’s Silver Wagyu 7+ very juicy and tender, they’re already good as themselves but my personal favorite was to dab just a little bit of the ‘garlic herb’ salt.
45 days dry aged beef with camembert cheese 🧀 was spectacular. The cheese adds some flavor and more significantly the crispy juicy crust, providing a perfect texture play in the mouth. The beef itself already had flavors of its own as it was dry aged. This was not on the menu, again I found out about it through uncle @arif_b_s ‘s post (thank you again!!) and SO GLAD I knew about it. This one is SUPER RECOMMENDED
Another super recommended thing was the Niku-Tama. Thinly sliced beef marinated in bulgogi sauce, grilled and served on an onsen egg. The bulgogi marinate was intense and on the sweeter side, when dipped into the egg yolk it’s just the best bulgogi ever. So flavorful, juicy, melts in your mouth.
They have 6 salt options to accompany your meat, Truffle, Sriracha, Garlic Herb, Himalayan, Kimchi, and I forgot the last one 😅. Tbh the beef itself is already good w/o the salts but they’re interesting so go ahead and try em all wkwk
Yes they’re all indeed expensive but totally worth it for your special occasions ❤️ ㅇ

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