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From the Burpple community

Love their western food, sausage and chicken chop . Dam cheap and worth it . So full and yummy ! can jio few of your friend there to eat 😍

Popped by before the market closes for renovations, and decided to give this stall a try. This photo depicts just how dismal the experience was, though. Our order took over an hour to arrive, and dishes came in spurts. The portions were painfully small - even though we ordered medium/ large sizes! The flavours were also lacking, and saved only by the chilli. Our group of 6 paid $43!

$4 (cheapest option)
Errrrr I don't get the hype over this. It was super average, queue was ridiculously long, noodles were mediocre at best and had 0 wok hei???

Not gonna lie folks, I was legitimately hoping that Goodness of Thirst, which is three days old at time of writing, was a pub stall with beers on tap. Boy was I disappointed when I discovered that all they poured up was coffee.

However, they do have a mocha float ($4 nett), which does ameliorate the situation. It is brewed from arabica beans and is rather mild and slightly acidic. The coffee is paired with some dark chocolate and finished off with a sizeable scoop of ice cream floating on top of this here cuppa caffeine, resulting in a midday wake up call & dessert rolled into one.

It ain’t great, but it ain’t bad either. It’s pretty inoffensive overall.

😁 Simple vegetarian white bee hoon with curry vege and crispy beancurd skin (S$2.50)

Run by a friendly couple, this stall is probably comparable to the famous one in AV (but without the snaking queues)! Tried the dry dumpling noodles ($4) and was super pleased when they let me customise it with chilli oil. The noodles are of just the right thickness and bite, and not too heavy. The sauce is slightly savoury and full of minced meat! But the highlight is definitely the dumplings - although the skin is a little thick, the portion of meat is generous and flavourful with lots of spring onion!

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