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From the Burpple community

Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle is new chicken rice stall in ABC market, and yet another one with Hong Kong in their name just to add to the confusion. But the real question is: do they have their chicken game on point?

On first inspection, it doesn’t look that impressive. The guy brandishing the chopper is sadly lacking in terms of knife skills, as the chicken drumstick is viciously hacked into uneven portions. The chicken’s already dead my dude, there’s really no need to chop it up like that.

That’s where it all gets better though. The chicken was juicy and full of flavor, and the skin was well and truly impregnated with the sapid soy sauce the bird was stewed in. Better yet, the herbal and satisfyingly savory sauce is splashed over the plate of chicken rice, giving you that extra kick of deliciousness.

The char siew, while losing outright to Fatty Cheong’s, is still superb char siew in its own right. Moist, fatty and delicious with a slight tinge of sweetness from the honey in the marinade, you’d be robbing yourself if you didn’t try it.

For a grand total of five bucks, this is some good eatin’ right here at ABC.

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List of stalls I visited:
1) Ah Ken (Next to Fatty Cheong's Wanton Noodle stall)
2) Bao Zai
3) Fatty Cheong Roast Meat stall
4) Yong Kee Famous Fishball Noodle

Ah Ken
Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle ($3)
- Contained 2 meatballs, minced meat, slices of mushroom, pork liver and pork
- Really spicy
- Noodles clumped together but probably because I neglected it for awhile
- Noodles were slightly too dry
- Mushrooms lacked flavour and only provide additional texture to the dish
Price: 9/10
Taste: 6/10
Overall: 7/10

Yong Kee Famous Fishball Noodle
Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle ($4)
- Contained minced meat, slices of mushroom, pork liver and pork
- Noodles were much more fragrant and had a lovely mushroom fragrance; Tasted like it was infused / cooked with mushroom oil
- Noodles had a nice bite and was wetter than the previous stall
- Chili was not overpowering
- Pork was meaty and juicy
- Thick, sweet slices of mushroom provided additional depth to the dish

Bao Zai
Char siew Bao ($0.70)
- Meat filling was the saltish type
- Substantial amount of meat for a bite-sized bao
- Contrary to Eatbook's review, I found the layer of bao too thick for my liking and that the bao-to-meat ratio was disproportionate
- Overall, felt that the bao was only average
Price: 7.5/10
Taste: 5/10
Overall: 5.5/10

Fatty Cheong
Roasted Pork Char Siew Rice ($4)
- Sauce was thick and sweet
- Sambal chili was fragrant and not too spicy complementing the sauce and the dish really well
- Roast pork belly had a smoky taste but the crackling was not crispy
- Char siew was dependent on which part you get
For me:
1) Fatty slightly charred char siew melted in my mouth and was deeply satisfying
2) Char siew with more meat was slightly overcooked and was quite hard
3) Hit the jackpot at times with charred pieces that had a beautiful caramelisation
- Lives up to the hype and I highly highly recommend!
Price: 9/10
Taste: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Additional notes: Ask for additional sauce and help yourself to more chili. Seriously, this chili goes hand-in-hand with the sauce and is barely spicy. If you have to choose between the roast pork and the char siew, definitely go for the char siew, roast pork was only average. (The guy behind me ordered the same thing but asked for more char siew... he clearly knew what he was doing.)

This stall is famed for its power cendol. What’s special about the cendol here is that gooey caramelised gula melaka is drizzled on finely shaved ice. This certainly is a refreshing treat on a hot day.

Exactly like the fruit, which is usually just a bit sweet lol.

Haven’t eaten it for sometime so decided to head over to this stall in the food centre to satisfy my craving.

Shun Fa have been selling it for many decades and they only open after 4pm, serving the night crowds. $3/$4/$5

These ice cream sandwiches are my favourite. I am big fan of the mint chocochip flavour sold across Singapore. Love how all vendors give you a big chunk of icecream sandwiched between two slices of crisp wafers or bread. I always choose the variant with the wafers! 🤤