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From the Burpple community

Hong Sheng fish soup seems to be a small chain of fish soup hawker stalls that serve up screaming hot bowl of fish or seafood soup, and I’ve patronised their stall on a few occasions. Their seafood soup is laden with acceptably fresh seafood and the broth is delightfully hearty with the sapid essence of the prawn (I presume) and fish stock. The fish soup is no slouch either, and delivers wholesome satisfaction every single time.

Despite them being a seafood soup merchant, I was quite surprised to see them jump on the pao fan (rice in seafood soup topped with rice grains that have been deep fried) fad. For six bucks, I got a bowl brimming with supremely savoury soup, a ponderous prawn, a solitary scallop, and a wealth of both poached & deep fried fish slices.⠀

As with the regular fish soups, the seafood pao fan is delicious, but not particularly memorable. The soup is solid, with the rich, briny umami from the fish & prawns that’ve been boiled into the stock, and it’s a great base for the seafood. The prawn & scallop were passably fresh, but the fish were absolutely fabulous. The poached fish slices were remarkably fresh, while the equally fresh fried fish was battered & fried fantastically. ⠀

I would’ve preferred if the fried fish was served on the side instead of being immersed in the soup, but you can’t win ‘em all. Still, this is a hearty, redolent bowl of soup that is a soothing balm for your soul. Not quite a souperstar, but still pretty soup-er in its own right.⠀

It's not clear what went into this. The stallholder only revealed avocado. But I tasted mango - or at least something fruity. Avocado's partner is always important as it doesn't have much taste.

At the far end of ABC Brickworks Food Centre is this Hokkien Mee stall run by an old couple. The Uncle does the hard work but the Auntie is the resident food nazi! You got to keep to her unwritten rules or she’ll unleash the kraken on you. 1) Queue for your food in FRONT of the stall. 2) Don’t skimp on the self-service pork lard. 3) Don’t touch the Chilli (this is Auntie’s exclusive domain). Also please let yourself have at least the medium ($5) serving to make the trip worth your while.

😋 Chicken Chop with add on Pork Cheese Sausage. Its a large serving and can share for 2 small eaters. Really love the juicy sausage and the thick cut fries. Its better to come here before peak meal times for a shorter queue. Recommend👍

Wow Wow West Genuine (01-133)
ABC Brickworks Hawker Centre
6 Jalan Bukit Merah
Singapore 150006

The food centre at Blk 6 Jalan Bukit Merah is finally reopening on 16 June 2020 Tuesday according to NEA website (pushed back from May 15). There were delays in its revamping works due to the Circuit Breaker.

Note: not all stalls are likely to open on the 16th as cleaning has to be done, or hawkers need more time for preparations; but stalls such as Wow Wow West has announced on Facebook it is opening on the 16th.

Here are 10 stalls to check out. More at



Popped by before the market closes for renovations, and decided to give this stall a try. This photo depicts just how dismal the experience was, though. Our order took over an hour to arrive, and dishes came in spurts. The portions were painfully small - even though we ordered medium/ large sizes! The flavours were also lacking, and saved only by the chilli. Our group of 6 paid $43!