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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Dine in comfort and with style at a-day, a casual Japanese-western restaurant nestled in the heart of Singapore's city center. The restaurant's name is derived from a Japanese slang in Kansai dialect, "ee-de", which means "it's good, surely". Choose any 2 main courses from a variety of Japanese-western classics like Omurice, Pasta, Teppan and Ramen to create a unique Combi Plate of your own. With over 120 possible combinations, you'll definitely be spoilt for choice in a-day.

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I was casually eating the yummy fried rice before noticing where the mentaiko was. Turned out the tiny ketchup-like sauce on top of the egg was mentaiko 😅
Could have been more mentaiko and less cream sauce.

The portion is unexpectedly so tiny with very little gravy.

The gravy is delicious to put on top of rice. Although the beef is tender, it is also very dry. Strangely, as what my brother said, the beef texture reminds me of canned sardines 🙄


This looked better than it tasted. Not that it was bad, but it's not any better than if you were to buy the pre-made pack and cook this at home either. The egg was fairly decent, but wasn't enough to make up for the mushy ketchup rice and the more-onions-than-beef-slices "stroganoff".

Prices are slightly cheaper than lunch ($1 less) and you get a free softdrink for every main ordered (note that while the milk tea is of the same price, you can't opt for that).


This plate of pasta will surely give you a burp after your meal! Filling and satisfying. 🤤

A well spent Sunday noon with @ariel_u_u over lunch in Japanese-Western fusion restaurant, A-Day. 💕
Thank you for coming with me even on a weekend! 😘

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The other dish that I opted for as part of the $18.99++ combination meal promotion — probably the most decent of all the three items given this came with the least misses; salmon was considerably flavourful and comes drizzled with Teriyaki sauce. The fish itself could have been less dry if one wants to nitpick, but otherwise was reasonably flaky. The potato wedges on the side do come considerably crisp and fluffy within.


Ordered this as part of the Combination Plate promotion where two mains are priced at $18.99++ (rice, salad, soup are not included; available as a separate top-up) — while I was somewhat impressed with the Dashi stock which carried a distinct sweet-savoury combination of flavours, the Tonkatsu was lackluster. Though decently crisp on the exterior, I wasn't a fan of the tough and rubbery meat that required quite a bit of effort to chew.