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Afterwit - Mexican Taqueira

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¡Hola amigos! We're the guys behind (working title), that cracking joint along Arab Street. We opened another café with a cookie-cutter brunch menu for barely a month, when we were struck by an afterthought - why not gourmet tacos with artisanal coffee? Inspired by that "afterwit", we put on our thinking sombreros and dug deep to bring that Mexican culture through our decor, food and music. So come to Afterwit and share our love for all things Latin and caffeine. Afterwit was therefore borne out of a passion for Halal Mexican food with an indie cafe setting. *Halal-certified

778 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198746

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12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 11:00pm

12:00pm - 11:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

I balked at my friends’ suggestion to order wasabi mayo shrimp burrito ($15.90+), because why order fusion at a mexican joint?! But my skepticism was unfounded and this proved surprisingly good - the prawns were fresh and the mayo a burst of spicy tangy flavour. Also tried this in a bowl, rather than the traditional wrap: the components were slightly different, with slaw being a big component. Wasn’t a big fan of that but I did like the flavoured rice in the bowl more than in the burrito! Again, this is a good deal under burpple beyond but I would love to see more options available for redemption.

This chipotle chicken burrito ($15.90+) sure packs a punch. Filled to the brim with guacamole and mexican rice, the chicken was tender and well seasoned. The burrito was also stuffed with black beans, salsa and spices. A good meal (and halal to boot) especially with burpple beyond, but would love to see more options available for redemption! The restaurant is also pleasantly empty on a weeknight, but service can be a little slow and the music loud.

Tried this place with Burpple 1 for 1 (2 tacos) great value!! We ordered the cod tacos and the pulled beef. The cod tacos were really good! Amazing chipotle mayo really makes the dish. The beef tacos were too sweet for us, but improved with hot sauce. Generous portion of beef though! Love the ambience.

A halal Mexican eatery serving tacos, burritos and burrito bowls which is also on Burpple Beyond. However, the Butter Chicken Bowl is on the exclusions list so we ordered that separately.

After ordering, we were informed that the food would take approximately 15 minutes to be served. Quite a long wait for a restaurant that’s not very crowded, but overall not too bad. The food was served warm but not hot, so I guess it wasn’t freshly cooked.

Afterwit puts a spin on Mexican food by incorporating local flavours as evident in the butter chicken flavour. In addition, long grain biryani rice is used which adds to the flavour of the bowl. I thought that the taste of the thick butter chicken gravy was good, but the chicken itself was on the dry side. For $16, the amount of chicken was also quite sparse, but the tomato salsa and cucumber salad were not bad, and the whole dish was quite good overall. While I wouldn’t pay $16 for a bowl or burrito again, I’d consider coming back with a friend to use the 1-for-1.

*Note: Afterwit accepts Chope reservations!

A decadent moist Chocolate Lava Cake served with Vanilla Ice Cream. Yep. That’s the description on Afterwit’s Dulce or dessert menu. Unfortunately, that’s definitely not the case.

It looks like the supposed lava cake is retrieved from the fridge when ordered. It’s not warmed up, but some crushed Biscoff cookies are topped onto the cake. When we cut into the cake, it was surprisingly sturdy, dense and solid. There was no trace of lava, just a chocolate interior that was more like about-to-melt chocolate.

The vanilla ice cream is pure white, with no trace of vanilla seeds inside, it looks almost like coconut ice cream instead. That said, it does taste slightly of vanilla and not coconut. It is quite frozen though, and I could feel some ice crystals as I was eating the ice cream.

This is definitely not what we expected when we ordered this dessert, and we probably wouldn’t order it again. Nonetheless, it’s still a very chocolatey dessert that chocolate lovers would probably enjoy, so get this if you love chocolate, just don’t expect any molten lava and you’ll be fine.

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Ordered the Mucho Nachos with Duck ($16). Portion was huge, enough to feed 2 people as a shared meal or 3-4 people as a shared appetiser. Nachos was topped with a generous amount of guacamole, salsa, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes, jalapeños. Would definitely come back here just to snack on these nachos 😋

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