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More Reviews of good food at Ah Hor Teochew Kway Teow Mee

I love these meatballs - so homemade feel and tender!

This is a very flavourful satisfying bowl of noodles! 👍👍👍

Read many good reviews, decided to try.

The fried flat fish is a nice addition, something u don't see in other BCM.

The chilli was blended well with the noodles.

Meatball was pretty soft and flavorful. The solefish was insanely smoky, and the lard was good too. Sambal was the chili jam kind, rather mild but very good

Unfortunately, it didn't go with the noodles. Fish dumpling was scrub, the most tasteless I've ever had. Hits and misses, probably just get the good stuff

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Starting 2021 with my all-time favourite bak chor mee from Ah Hor Teochew Kway Teow Mee ($4/5) at 165 Kitchener Road (opposite City Square Mall)🥰

There are 3 things that set this apart from the other bak chor mee I have tried: 1) the fried chilli is super fragrant and fiery, 2) the fried flat fish adds a burst of umami and savoury crunch, and 3) the springy mee kia noodle is al dente and does not have a strong alkaline taste which I dislike.

Together with fresh fishballs, fish dumplings, fish cake, minced meat and lard cubes, this makes a really satisfying (and underrated I feel!) bowl of bak chor mee. Do check out this hidden gem if you are in the vicinity!

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The bowl of mee pok ($4) contained a medley of ingredients including bak chor, slivers of mushroom, fish cake slices and pork slices with two fish balls and two fish dumplings (herh geow) in the bowl of soup. Oh, and not forgetting the piece of prized tee po (flat sole fish).
The mee kia is delightfully springy with a nice crunch but the star is undoubtedly their umami chili sauce made with pork lard, dried chili, hae bee and buah keluak. It had this alluring fragrance yet not too spicy.
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This bowl of dry mee pok ($4) was decently springy, but still had that slight alkaline taste. Looking past that however, the robust umami from the sole fish and chili was undoubtedly enjoyable.
Their chili, in particular, had such a delectable fragrance unlike the usual BCM chili. A very respectable BCM, worth trying for their secret chili blend.

The star here is the chilli - it’s not the saucy kind but the dry kind that is fried till fragrant! A scoop of chilli and a piece of flat fish add much oomph to this bowl of fishball noodles👏🏻


Date visited:2/6/2018 (Sat, 12:50pm)

There was a short queue of about 4-5 people. Waited for 15 mins or so.

Buah keras chilli that was used to season the noodles was good; packs a punch. Noodles was perfectly cooked; springy.
(But my parents who frequented the stall said they can be inconsistent in their cooking of the noodles; overcooked at time. Things are not the same after someone else took over. Not too sure. Maybe someone can verify?).
Amount of noodles seem a bit much for an average Asian lady's appetite tho.
But wish noodles was a tad more salty. Just a tad more. Noodles was a bit oily because of the chilli as well.

The small pieces of flat fish that came with the noodles were awesome!
Mushroom was ok, had a peculiar rubberband taste (just me, maybe?)
Fish cake fresh but taste wise, pretty average.

Accompanying soup was bland, but that's not the highlight anyway.
Fishballs bouncy and fresh but a bit bland; I consider them average.
Fish dumplings (aka her kiao) were very good! They added tee por to them. 👍

Noodles with the chilli is the highlight.
If you wanna top up and get the side dishes, the flat fish is the one to get.
The (handmade) fish dumplings are way better than the fishballs.

Ordered the following:
1) 2X Dried Mee Kia (came with a soup; 2 fishballs & 2 fish dumplings aka 'her kiao')
2) 1X Mushroom ($3)
3) 1X Fishcake ($3)
Total cost:$14

Seriously, the chilli is amazing. something different I haven't found anywhere else. Worth the trip out here for it.

This humble bowl of fishball noodles is what draws the crowd to the unassuming coffeeshop stall across from Mustafa Centre. Despite the long wait under hot and humid conditions during midday, our Burpple community is willing to sweat it out. What you must have is the dry version of the famed Fishball Noodles (from $3), and be sure to add on the succulent braised mushrooms and the big chunks of crunchy, deep-fried (dried) flat fish. Apart from the usual cut red chilli provided on the side, ask for the homemade chilli that is mixed with pork lard, haebee and buah keras (candlenut). Tastemaker Amanda Liu describes the chilli to be "crazy shiok and addictive", which gives the dish the extra oomph! They sell out early, so head here as early as you can to avoid disappointment.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Amanda Liu

Decent, very affordable bowl of mee pok, with ingredients like fish balls, dumplings, juicy braised mushrooms, meat and I liked how there were crisp flat fish!

Preferred the meepok (tho it could be a bit more qq) to the kuayteow which was a little bland to me but it's probably a good idea because the chilli here is damn shiok! Sinfully made with pork lard, buah keras*, and haebee without being overly spicy, very addictive. The additional soup we ordered was tastier than the accompanying one and came with fish balls and her-giao! Go for additional ingredients like we did - couldn't stop picking at the mushrooms and flat fish 😛

Thanks to a friend for pointing this out - was enlightened on the difference between buahkeluak (the black nut with distinct earthy taste) and buah keras (candlenut) which is usually used for chilli! 🤗
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Their dry mee pok is a bit like a cross between Chinese handcut dry tossed noodles and mee pok. Their sambal chilli really has a kick w the added buah keluak. 🤤 Rmb to add the toss in the lard as well! 🤤🤤🤤
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Tucked on the inner side of Kim San Leng, situated just opposite Mustafa Centre is this unassuming noodle store!
At 亚河潮州粿条面, you'd get an option of either buying an individual portion of dry noodles, or purchase a couple of portions to share, and top it up with more ingredients to 加料 (add ingredients). My favorite combination would be kway teow dry with loads of chilli! & I must say, the chili is crazy shiok & addictive, giving you the extra kick that you'd need.


It was slightly disappointing this time round, as compared to the previous visit, as the experience did not bring about the wow factor. Maybe the hawker had an off day today as everything didn't impress from the blend soup to underwhelming chilli and the noodles tasted rather ordinary.

Address: 12, Verdun Road, Singapore 207278


This bowl is chock-full of umami goodness: succulent braised mushrooms, lip-smacking chilli sauce with buah keluak and big chunks of crunchy deep-fried (dried) flat fish. Toss the springy noodles immediately to coat it with the oily sauce. Love the accompanying bouncy fishballs and chewy dumplings!

At $3 it comes with a special chili, freshly made fishballs, fish dumplings and some slices of fishcakes. Pretty much like that they included the flat fish too!


Painted every single strand of noodles with their famed buah keluak chili. Enjoyed it!

The main dish itself is comforting and good on its own but damn, that chilli is so unbelievably magical it was likely to have been concocted by high-level white-bearded mages with pointy hats using their strongest spells. Prepared using pork lard, dried shrimp, dried chilli and Buah Keluak (!!!), the oily chilli is not particularly spicy but is subtly bitter and so flavourful, you would happily sweat like a mad pig travelling in the hot sun just to taste it in your mouth. 4/5


One of the better Teochew noodle stalls in town. Big fish dumplings and tasty fried flat fish. Yummy.