More Reviews at Ah Hoe Mee Pok (710 Clementi)

More Reviews of good food at Ah Hoe Mee Pok (710 Clementi)

The upgrade was so worth it as the delicious Char siu was incredibly generous(the ratio of ingredients to mee was more than 1:1)

Again, rlly soupy sauce and the miso is but a hint, but just as well as the sauce was rlly multifaceted with a distinct sweetness that's very slurp worthy. They pack the sauce separately so the Noodles dont get soggy, and it's luxurious from the amount of pork fat in the sauce(which u can remove if u pack it separately).

Nothing crazy, yet crazy satisfying

Updated the name to li yuan alr, lets see how long Burpple takes to change it

Quite an ulu place, and luckily there wasnt a queue when i went(though that's definitely not the case usually, one regular thought they were closed simply cos they had no queue at one point in time during lunch hour)

Pork was quite tender and in generous portions, and the sauce was quite diluted in a v sloppily enjoyable way. It's so distinct, yet the flavours are so familiar, that it's v enjoyable. Not v spicy at all too

Soup had the nice sweetness of abalone

The same meepok that we love, but with a sort of steamboat/oriental handling. The $6 bowl comes with a slice of abalone, a good sized prawn, some fish cakes and a really delicious fish dumpling. Noodles have a really good texture too!

Full Vlog and how-to-make:

Fu Yuan Handmade Dim Sum
This store is run by 1 man who tirelessly hand makes every single dim sum he sells. You can tell as when he is not busy serving customers, he will be by the side making the dumplings.
Char siew pao
- Starchy gooey sweet char siew filling
- Prefer to have more chunks of char siew
Tried the da pao and liu sha pao as well and both were really well-made, with the inside of the da pao being drenched in pork fats and the salted egg filling oozing out of the liu sha pao. My only gripe would be that this shop sells paos which are thicker than usual but other than that very affordable and good quality!
(Spent $8.40 for 2 char siew pao, 1 da pao, 3 liu sha pao, 1 tray of chicken's feet)
Overall: 8/10

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Miso Minced Meat Noodle Dry ($6)
- Came with 2 slices of char siew, 2 meatballs, beansprouts, chunks of minced meat and a generous portion of pork crackling 
- The noodles were drenched in their sweet miso-based sauce, making this bowl of noodles wetter than usual bak chor mee
- As a generous amount of sauce was provided, every slurp of noodles coats your entire mouth with the lovely sauce, making it hard to stop eating
- Slices of char siew were very tender with both the meat and fat melting in your mouth
- Meatballs were small but hearty and meaty
- They offer a $10 char siew option where they provide you with more slices of char siew; you should definitely order that if you are not ordering a side of dim sum like I did!
Price: 8/10
Taste: 10/10
Overall: 9.5/10

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Someone said got opium or what? Why want to keep going back? Hahaha...

one does not usually see top shell and fish dumplings (her kiao) in a bowl of mee pok. but the version here is done well with tender, chewy noodles and springy meat. quite inaccessible for me but i liked this bowl of noodles a lot!


Back here after a long while - tried the Crayfish Noodles ($10) for the first time.. Was not impressed by the crayfish. The meat wasn't bouncy, & it was on the soft side; felt like it had been cooked for too long.

However, the noodles & other ingredients are excellent as usual. Super generous, & I had much more ingredients than noodles! I also enjoyed the up-sized bowl of soup that comes with the Crayfish Noodles, although it does feel a bit more salty & less umami seafoody than the last time.

In all, would recommend the regular Bak Chor Mee ($4/$5), but not the Crayfish Noodles. The latter isn't worth double the price of the former. I'd rather eat 2 bowls of BCM 😂


Ordered BCM ($5) which had good ingredients and a huge serving of vinegar-ed mushrooms. Really tasty bowl. The mee kia was the highlight though - al dente and extremely well done with a great bite (kinda like Japanese mazesoba texture). Top 5 bowl of BCM for me!

What happens when dry ramen and bak chor mee combines together. It was a pretty unique taste for me, the chili intensity was still there except that there was a slight taste of ramen broth with each bite of the noodles. A must try for the adventurous people for the love of bak chor mee and ramen!


Only $4 for this, and they really do not skimp on the ingredients. Lots of tender pork slices, meatballs and the best part was the braised mushrooms. The noodles were too hard for my liking though, but amount of vinegar was just right, despite comments that their meepok wasn't vinegar-ish enough.


The second bowl is miso mee pok $6, with Japanese style char siew. I would recommend the original mee pok at $4. For now, there's a queue but I probably would not queue for more than 15 minutes the next time round. #tingzieeats #burpple

Heard a lot about the Japanese-inspired bak chor mee/ramen fusion Ah Hoe serves up, so I put it on my to-eat list for my brief time back in Singapore. When I got here, though, having been away for months, I had the biggest craving for a simple bowl of mushroom minced meat noodles, which was what I ended up ordering. Even without the ramen frills, my $4 bowl was generously topped and the sauce mixture hit the right notes. Shoutout to the braised mushrooms, which were excellent. Despite rave reviews about the QQ noodles here, though, I found mine on the hard side and even tasted uncooked dough once or twice. Just my luck perhaps? On the whole, a happy reunion with one of my favourite foods!

After frequenting this shop for a year, I was so ecstatic to find them selling Japanese fusion mee pok! I opted for the shoyu base mee pok (dry) and was definitely pleased with the flavour. My favourite meatballs and braised mushrooms are still there, but now with the addition of charsiew, the bowl of mee pok feels more "Japanese". Still the same qq mee pok that I remember eating for the first time and that is the reason why I always go back to this stall. Of course, now I have another excuse, which is their tonkotsu broth that is so comforting on a rainy day like this.

Bak chor mee stall run by a jap!! Organised ordering system. Generous amt of toppings with 2 abalone slices..$4 for this portion (:
Yums: 3/5


Recommended, being my second visit here and consistently good on both counts.
There are three things I really like about the mee pok here:
1. Noodles are al dente and separated (non clumpy, non sticky)
2. Ingredients are generous and fresh, there's LOTS of ramen style chashu, meat balls, sliced pork, minced pork and slices of abalone.
3. Broth is refreshing, mild sweet and not overly salty.
4. Bonus: Lard 😁


This must be the meepok that is most generous with its toppings! At just $5 (it also comes in a smaller $4 portion), there were meatballs, sliced pork, minced pork, mushrooms and three tender slices of abalone. The meepok was wonderfully al dente, nicely coated in chili sauce and vinegar. No clumps of noodles at all. The sauce was sweeter than the usual meepok, but I liked that the vinegar wasn't too pungent and overpowering. The pork was lean yet tender; no grisly bits were found in the mince as well. The coffeeshop isn't the most accessible by public transport, but it's worth a visit. There was a queue at lunchtime but you can order in advance via their website. Also, if you are planning a meepok party (and honestly, why not?), they offer delivery too (min. order of $40 and delivery charge of $10). Catch Ah Hoe Mee Pok here:


Still as good as — or maybe better than — when I first tried it months ago. This is probably the only good place that I'm reluctant to share, because I don't want the snaking queue to get worse. For this bowl you'll get mushroom, meatballs, abalone (yes, you read it right!) and not-so-minced pork, which I think is really worth the 4 bucks spent!


So springy that I would mistake it for ramen! I would say that the gravy and condiments were pretty average, but I'm definitely going back just for the noodles! Mmmmmmm #bcmcookedbyjapanese

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but funny, wasn't a japanese (i think) cooking my bowl though. so maybe that's why while i was expecting more japanese finesse in the mee pok, this came a tad tough. that said, comforting sauce and wetness in bowl made enjoyable slurping. that's some japanese trait there!