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Abit pickier mood, so the cons are:
No him, no chilli, no wok hei. But I guess the first 2 can request...
Still good value for money, big portion and very comfortable air-con ambience, all in with teh just $8!


Ah Kong Den has expanded their menu recently as they solidify their position as a full f&b establishment (used to just be a local cafe like ya kun) and now they have this hokkien mee ($8 for set which comes w kopi, teh or lemon tea) which is surprisingly decent. Its the wetter kind which I like, and the head chef fly effort to prepare this plate individually (maybe because no other customers during late lunch hour) and it comes served on fragrant leaf too, great presentation to whet my appetite! Serving is very big, $8 seems much for hokkien mee but serving and drink included plus the good service and presentation in the air-con eatery with sofa seating makes it worth it IMO!

Do take note that this does take quite some time to prepare, so the waiting time can be a little long for this item to be served. That being said, the grilled toast was immensely soft as it is spread with Planta for that buttery flavour while the insides were subtly sweet from the light but thick custard (it's sweet custard here, and in no way it is meant to be a salted egg kind of thing). A little greasy in my opinion which I left some feedback about, but apart from that I think everything's pretty well here for a simple sweet treat for $2.80.


Don't be surprised; this place is indeed a local mafia-themed cafe in Aqueen Heritage Hotel (Joo Chiat) named after the notorious Singapore gang in the past. That being said, the servers are all pretty polite here, and they serve local fare here with more substantial options such as Curry Chicken, Laksa and Mee Rebus/Mee Siam. Ah Kong Tradition would be the local breakfast set; Kaya/Kaya Butter/Peanut Butter Toast with soft-boiled eggs and Kopi/Teh for $4.60. The soft boiled eggs are already cracked upon serving, and were runny — very familiar, and very close to the heart. I love it that they use white bread for the toast here; utterly crisp and stuffed with a slab of butter and just enough Kaya in between, it achieves a good balance of both worlds. Kopi was also pretty aromatic, and not overly sweet from too much condensed milk. Overall quite decent, and serves as a slightly upscale Toast Box/Ya Kun/Killiney with way stronger air con (it's freezing here as I type) and bigger, more comfier seating and a classier environment.

Ah Kong Den is located at 51 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427373 within Aqueen Heritage Hotel (Joo Chiat).