1 Kadayanallur Street
#01-07 Maxwell Food Centre
Singapore 069184

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11:00am - 07:30pm

11:00am - 07:30pm

11:00am - 07:30pm

11:00am - 07:30pm

11:00am - 07:30pm

11:00am - 07:30pm

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From the Burpple community

Unfortunately Tian Tian fared better. The rice is abit hard, not fluffy and I prefer rice that is more fragrant.

Set comes with some green vegetables and cost $7.50 on Whyq delivery.

Second time doing a Ah Tai vs Tian Tian Chicken Rice comparison and my verdict still remains the same. Ah Tai has more tender chicken and Tian Tian has more fragrant rice. Both are still very delicious chicken rices on their own! ☺️

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The tale of two Maxwell chicken rice stalls - Tian Tian and Ah Tai. Both stalls serve chicken rice that’s based on a similar recipe. There’s a back story to how Ah Tai came about but I’ll leave that for another day.

The chicken here is soft, tender and juicy which makes it the highlight of the dish. For either $3.50 or $5, you’ll get a decently sized serving of chicken meat. I actually like the rice here as the texture is rather firm and moist and is rather flavourful.

What about the chilli sauce? it has a strong garlic taste and I wished it could be spicier. Not forgetting the thick, savoury sauce that’s drizzled over the chicken, it’s a perfect complement to the steamed chicken which would taste rather bland on its own.

I usually patronise Ah Tai as the queue is shorter and I find their chicken rice to be excellent. In fact I’d easily rate it as one of my favourite chicken rice places in Singapore.


Decided to get half a chicken (white) from Ah Tai and half a chicken (roasted) from Tian Tian, and the stand-out dish was definitely Ah Tai’s white chicken. It was extremely soft and tender (even the chicken breast) and the chicken pieces were so thick and juicy! Tian Tian’s chicken pales in comparison, although I have to say that Tian Tian’s rice is much more fragrant and flavourful

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The owner of this stall used to work st the famous Tian Tian a few counters away. Today, the queue at Tian Tian lasts anywhere between 10 minutes (at opening at 10am, or mid afternoon) and 45 minutes (meal times); its prices are the highest among all the Hainanese chicken rice stalls at Maxwell (although that’s still most reasonable); they only give out the chilli and dark soy sauces upon request (although that is very much part of the dish!). There is never a queue at Ah Tai. So, is it worth it? If you’re not a foodie, the answer is “hell, no!”’On the other hand, if you can tell subtle differences in the texture of the chicken, the fragrance of the rice, or the degree of kick in the chilli sauce, or if you just line up servings from the various chicken rice stalls at Maxwell (Tian Tian, Ah Tai, Heng Heng), you would have to say "Tian Tian is the best lah!" Unfortunately, Ah Tai would come third, although on its own, it is not bad.

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If you don’t already know about the whole Ah Tai versus Tian Tian saga, here’s a quick rundown. Guy works as the head chef for Tian Tian chicken rice, has a falling out with the owners, tells the Tian Tian boss “screw you, I’ll start my own chicken rice stall with blackjack and hookers”, and promptly proceeds to set up Ah Tai.

Okay fine, maybe the ‘blackjack and hookers’ part didn’t happen, but there’s no denying that Ah Tai is eying up Tian Tian menacingly from three stalls (not doors) down. If you came here expecting a ‘oh x is better’ review, well, get disappointed right now because that is NOT what this review is.

As a matter of fact, I have never tried Tian Tian before. Every time I headed down to Maxwell, I took one look at the ridiculous line for Tian Tian and went “yeah nah, I’m too hungry to deal with that”.

But I can and will tell you right now that holy shit Ah Tai is Ah-mazing. The chicken flesh was like butter. Or butt-ah, depending on which pronunciation tickles your fancy. The perfectly piquant steamed chicken hit the spot with its stupidly sensational savoriness, and the skin...oh my God. The skin is a gift from God, and even I fail to find words to adequately describe the skin.

The ridiculously redolent rice beneath that divine chicken makes a plate of Ah Tai’s chicken rice the complete package. It’s soft, sensually slick and superbly savory, and is everything every grain of rice aspires to be when it grows up. When the chicken and rice that have been doused in Ah Tai’s special sauce penetrates your lips, it’s a veritable orgasm of wondrous sensations that you just don’t want to end.