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Sugarcane Drink usually help to stay hydrated during hot afternoon time and reduce heat inside the body. But it's usually sweet and refreshing taste.

I really like Muah Chee (RM 3.00) so much in the past when I can eat without worries but now to the recent allergy and heaty I cannot order it anymore. Until I went to Penang last year (Dec), my sister she is a fan of muah chee btw and she order one packet from uncle. Uncle he also give each muah chee to us before he packed muah chee inside the container. Muah Chee was quite warm, soft and chewy with fresh peanut bits topping after serving to us.

Many people came here for the duck rice. But there is also another stall here selling a much local dish. Hokkien Char is definitely something unique in Penang with their way of cooking; definitely shouldn’t miss out if you are here. RM6 - RM7

This is basically braised duck, bean curd, tao pok, boiled egg all chopped finely accompanied by loosely grained rice, coupled with aromatic dark sauce. Stories were being told the owner had offended certain dark figures....hence operating at this wee hours of the morning. Expect long queue but it's all worth it after you salvage on this simple dish. Tastiness: 3.5/5

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The duck rice here is really amazing. Gotta order the pork because it's so damn tender. #food #penang

Used to be my job as a child to patiently wait for the ringging bells of a puthu seller and get them for tea break before dad arrives home...