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From the Burpple community

2 stringy barely existing prawns and a bland bowl of broth. $16.90. +$0.60 for takeaway (it’s P2HA, so no choice but to takeaway).


Kumamoto Ramen
Adapted from and respectively,
1) Kumamoto ramen is a dish that consists of thick, strong noodles served inside a rich soup made with pork bones. Garlic is a key feature, with garlic chips, as well as garlic oil used in the recipe.
2) The broth is not as oily as the one found in Hakata ramen, making it suitable to those who aren't used to strong-tasting broths. This ramen is also known for the inclusion of fried garlic chips and sesame oil.

As usual, I tried the broth first and surprisingly, this broth had barely any flavour compared to the ramen I had at Volcano Kazan. It was less rich with no garlic chips and I am sure, no garlic oil present in the ramen. If there was any garlic used in making this dish I truly could not identify it. The noodles were similarly firm and slightly more springy which I prefer while the egg was slightly more runny and custard-like. However, it was similarly flavourless. My next surprise came when I was trying their char shu (2 slices). It was even tougher than the previous ramen hence I'm quite thankful that it was cut into bite-sized portions. The best item here would be their kakuni (braised pork belly) which had a good ratio of meat to fat, was tender and had a strong, robust flavour. Unfortunately, as the broth was utterly disappointing, I found this to be even less satisfying than the previous ramen.
Taste: 5/10

Chijimi (6pcs)
'Korean-style scallion pancakes'
All I can say is I think I've had enough surprises from here...It had absolutely no flavour. Felt as though I was eating starch mixed with oil and the occasional hint of vegetable. Strongly do not recommend, you'll probably need all their vinegar to finish this.
Taste: 2/10

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