1 Tanglin Road
#01-01A Orchard Parade Hotel
Singapore 247905

11:30am - 03:00pm
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11:30am - 03:00pm
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11:30am - 03:00pm
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11:30am - 03:00pm
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11:30am - 03:00pm
06:00pm - 11:00pm



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Reviews at Akashi (Orchard Parade Hotel)

Reviews of good food at Akashi (Orchard Parade Hotel)

Al dente, subtly earthy matcha soba in light yet full-bodied dashi broth with smoked duck and bouquet of spring onion to add depth to an otherwise "plain" soup. Ok, that's all.

The sweetness of the crabmeat is exceptionally pronounced in this zōsui, and the sliced spring onion rings help enhance it further. Days when you feel that no matter what you do Kim Kardashian is still alive, you can drown yourself in this. Ok, that's all.

The dashi broth has such an intense umami that benefited greatly from the natural sweetness of the Chinese cabbage and mushroom used. The seaweed's slight crunch is always a delight especially when it acts as the Thelma to the soft and slightly chewy udon's Louise. Simplicity at its best. Ok, that's all.

You get that subtle vinegary aroma from the sushi rice, the slight umami of the deep-fried soft-shelled crustacean, and that earthiness from the toasted sesame seed. The rice's soft yet firm fluffiness works really well to counter the crab's crisp exterior, and then complements its soft meat. And then you have that inimitable creamy richness of the avocado chunks ensconced between the rice and crab. Ok, that's all.

Don't get me wrong I don't mind pay $$$ for good food but the food quality here is inconsistent and over priced. Does not make top tier sushi bar for sure. The only things worth eating are ebi tempura maki , hamachi kama , kani porridge . Notice how everything is cooked. I don't truth their raw fish here. Once had a toro and it tasted fishy. Belch*

These thinly sliced, perfectly seared kurobuta were so heavenly, it was sheer joy eating them. The slightly earthy goma sauce was equally joyous. That sole green chilli had a great crunch and smokiness. Happiness can be bought for $15. Ok, that's all.

This one of thin udon-like noodles with fork-tender braised pork belly in a light miso broth is the most comforting thing ever.

Really good Japanese food but get ready to spend average $100 per pax for a solid meal.

Smooth creamy uni with sweet crunchy prawn - a match made in foodies' heaven!

Had Omakase. Who can resist Uni? Not me for sure! Uni sashimi on Shiso leave with a crispy tempura battered base. Oh so yumz!

Biggest one I have ever tasted!!! Had to consume in two parts cause it's impossible to finish in one slurp!! Soooooo good

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