From the Burpple community

When did the queue here get so long?! This is a store that has withstood the test of time. It seems a little less popular than the neighbouring Original Avocado, but I like that this one ($3 / $4) is thick and creamy. It has less gula melaka, allowing the avocado to shine through!

Dover Road Kai Kee Wanton Noodle
My favorite wanton mee in the whole world and no I will not stop raving about it. It reminds me of childhood, of pontian wanton mee when it first came to sg without any hype and wasn't in every single capitaland mall, of strolls to the coffee shop down the road from my house to buy wanton mee in a takeaway kopi bag before tuition on Saturday afternoons. Doesn't hurt that the people at this store are always smiley too, reminding me of grandma and grandpa. They also speak almost entirely in canto and love a short exchange with customers!

The stall is called Dover Rd Lai Kee Wanton Mee and it is my favorite wanton mee in the whole of sg - - lean cuts of char siew, springy noodles, generous serving of vegetables. No particular ingredient is really the star here but they come together for a simple yet flavourful dish.

Here’s the mixed hor fun ($4.50)! The wok hei flavour is distinct, and the noodles chewy. The gravy is thick and flavourful yum. The store is generous with ingredients - this had pork, fish, squid and prawns. One of my favourites!!

The stall is well known for its xlb, but the 红油抽手 ($4.50 for 10) is a staple for me! The dumpling has skin soft and silky, is filled with a generous portion of tender meat and coated with heaps of vinegar and chilli oil yums #oldisgold

Well known & loved for its xlb, this stall is no stranger to those who frequent AV!! This is their guotie ($5 for 10) - it looks haphazardly put together, but it tastes much much better. Love how the skin is chewy and has a crispy charred surface! The meat filling is super juicy 👍🏼