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Good but pricey. I'll only buy it as a luxury.

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My usual haunt when my cravings for Heng Hwa bee Hoon act up .

Why pay 💰 triple at restaurants when you can get one that’s so delectable here 🥰.

I’m always heading to Alexandra village food centre for their food and one of the gems that I’ve discovered was a yellow signboard shop where they sell Tzi Char at a very affordable price: a mountain full of fried rice at only $5!!

And if you like avocado, u can go to the drink store a few store after this tzi char which has very bright signboard. Taste perfect

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I prefer King Avocado because is vey creamy and less sweet compared to Mr Avocado which is much sweeter.

(S$3 each)

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This was acceptable given I don't really like avocado, but true to avocado, it had barely any taste, except the gula melaka's sweetness.

Happy 30th Anniversary!

Always ended up with more than 1 cup every time I’m there. Yes, very filling but I couldn’t resist, the avocado shake is so good.

Not every cup has the 30th Anniversary sticker but Auntie saw me taking photos and gave me the one with sticker 😂 Thank you, Auntie.

Not forgetting my favourite silky skin Szechuan Spicy Wanton from the same food center.

#01-19 Mr Avocado Exotic Juice
11:30am ~ 9:30pm (except Saturday)

Avocado Shake (M) $4


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