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From the Burpple community

Hokkien Mee cooked by a ex-limousine driver; Chef Goo Red Sea Prawns Fried Hokkien Mee was born out of the Covid pandemic when the owner’s driving livelihood was affected.

The stall specialises in a variety of seafood centric dishes, including Clams Hokkien Mee and it’s signature Red Sea Prawns Fried Hokkien Mee, which I ordered but without prawns 😅

Upon receiving my meal, I was surprised at how generous the portion was and the amount of ingredients that came with it. The broth that the noodles were cooked in was really rich; prawn lovers would love this. But thankfully for me, I managed to hide it with the generous dollop of chilli given. The pork lard, sotong and thick strips of pork belly that topped off the dish gave it a rich flavour and you can clearly taste the distinct flavour of each of the ingredients through this umami-laden mess.

No trip to AVHC is complete without an avocado drink. My choice of poison has always been Mr Avocado although standards seem to have dipped a little. Guess I would give King Avocado a shot next time!

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From the middle stall facing the carpark. Very worth it if you don't wanna pay $5-6 from those new coconut stores.

Ma La Xiang Guo

Tasted like going towards strong aroma flavour and so like going instead of direct numb feeling for chili. I also saw this store before covid-19 and I really didn't like to eat mala tbh.

Pulled brisket burger ($7.50 for single patty)
Added $2.50 for cheese fries.

It's really tasty, the menu says the brisket has been cooked for 36 hours and I do believe it. No complaints there, hands down.

There's a reason why fork and knife are provided for. It's so juicy that the bottom burger is sooooo soggy and basically has disintegrated. There's no way it can be picked up by hand and it's kind of disappointing that the experience of eating a burger by hand is taken away from you.

Also, they mistook my order for takeaway and hence it came in this packaging and I wasnt able to take a photo of the frontal view with the meat.

But back to the taste, it's really good so will be back to try other flavours!
And the cheese fries is good too! Good texture and generous amount of cheese 😋

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📍Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Laksa
Alexandra village food centre (01-75)

Second time eating the depot road laksa! It is now longer presented in claypot style! (They have also covered up the claypot wording on their signboard haha). The queue wait on a PH lunch hour was really long. Almost 30mins wait as each bowl took quite long to be cooked.. peeked in to see how they cook the laksa and realised they actually have two diff broths served in one bowl. One a more diluted light soupy broth and topped up with a thicker laksa broth. The ingredients were cockles, Taupok, fish cake, prawns and shredded chicken! For someone who’s doesn’t eat taupok and cockles i am glad that there are so many other ingredients for me to eat still! Overall a nice bowl of laksa (although my parents tried it and didn’t like it). I thought the price was reasonable (small bowl for $4 and medium bowl for $5). If I compare it to 328 Katong laksa, I think that’s almost $5+ for a small bowl

From Trip Thai Food. I have high standards for this dish. I would say this was 50% authentic. That's not ideal but at least it's better than many.