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alittle tashi

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alittle tashi is a fresh addition to Jalan Besar that welcomes you to experience modern comfort food. In this laid-back 60-seater restaurant, a medley of global flavour are anchored by Asian roots.

39 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207538

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06:00pm - 12:00am

06:00pm - 12:00am

06:00pm - 12:00am


06:00pm - 12:00am

06:00pm - 12:00am

06:00pm - 12:00am

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From the Burpple community

Alittle tashi’s grilled lamb ribs ($26++) was probably the least aesthetically pleasant dish that nice, but it was arguably the most delicious dish on the table that night.

Marinated in mint yogurt, these ribs are slow cooked for 6 hours before being plated alongside a serving of pickled beetroot. The result is outstandingly juicy and tremendously tender meat that slides off the bone with its semi gelatinous fat. It’s mildly gamey, not quite enough to be off-putting, and the flavors within are moderate. There’s a nice bit of char, which lends a nice bit of smokiness to these tender ribs.

These lamb ribs might not be the most radical, reality altering ribs in existence, but they’re addictive enough to eliminate the concept of a ‘paiseh’ piece and result in a hunger game over the last luscious lamb rib.

Alittle tashi is built from the ground up on a tapas/sharing plate concept, so the Baked River Prawn ($32++) does raise a whole lotta eyebrows as it seems to be in complete rebellion of said concept.

A colossal river prawn is butterflied right down the middle and baked, and is then draped atop a bed of crispy shiitake garlic rice like one of your sexy French girls. Ginger scallion sauce is then squirted right down the prawn’s crack for a little extra excitement and flavor. It wasn’t as fresh as it should’ve been, but it ain’t all that bad in all honesty.

The crispy shiitake garlic rice would be better off with a more pungent garlic flavor, but other than that, it was pretty decent. Sure, the rice is kinda hard and crunchy rather than soft & fluffy, but they did put ‘crispy’ right there in the menu so you had ample warning of what to expect.

The real reason why I thought this dish was rather weak when considering alittle tashi’s foundational concept of Asian fusion sharing plates was mainly down to that river prawn. It’s large enough to be shared between two, but when you’ve got a ménage a trois or more, that prawn is under equipped for said task. And when you consider the fact that this dish is $32++, it’s real easy to believe that you’ve been cheated. Especially if you don’t use #BurppleBeyond.

Tasty? Yes. Worth it? No. Hotel? Trivago.


The bird is NOT the word here, as this unholy matrimony of roast pork belly and mussels is all about when porcine met mollusk. Yes I know, Crispy Pork Belly & Mussels? The name alone is crazy enough, but follow me down the rabbit hole and you’ll see how deep this goes.

The mussels are just standard issue mollusks straight out of the shell, nothing special really. The crispy pork belly, on the other hand, was deliciously decent even on its lonesome. Sure, the rind could’ve been a lot crispier, but the juiciness of the superbly seasoned meat and the tantalizingly well cooked lard made the pork belly stand out.

However, the thing that manages to seamlessly fuse the two elements together isn’t black magic. It’s a sweet & sour black tamari sauce, as I have been reliably informed by alittle tashi themselves. That sourness works well to cut through the admittedly negligible brininess from the mussels, as well as the fatty richness of the pork belly. Seafood excels when paired with sweetness, and the mussels really shone with that hint of sweetness, and so did the pork belly.

It’s a daring dish, and it’s true, who dares wins. This dish was one of the two outstanding dishes that night, but I still can’t help but think that at $30++ for a plate, this was overpriced. Fortunately, with #BurppleBeyond, we did get another dish free with this baby, so it made that $30 oh so absolutely worth it.


If you get that blatant song reference, congratulations, you old af. What’s not old, however, is alittle tashi’s unique take on Asian fusion tapas, which is distinctly new age.

Their charred miso Brussels sprouts ($12++, foreground plate) is a rendition of an almost universally reviled vegetable that manages to make it somewhat tolerable. When alittle tashi typed ‘charred’ into their menu, they really meant it. The sprouts are well and truly charred, masking the repulsive flavor that Brussels sprouts are infamous for and giving it some pleasantly charred flavors. It’s served with a dab of creme fraiche, which uplifts the texture of the sprouts and gives it a luscious creaminess, along with a hint of sourness.

We eagerly ordered crispy chicken skin with garlic salt ($8++, background bowl) but we weren’t expecting it to look like those dried cuttlefish snacks we all know and love. A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one as these chicken skins were astonishingly light unlike all other fried chicken skins out there. While the garlic salt seasoning was uneven and spotty in places, alittle tashi’s chicken skins were eminently enjoyable due to its low oil content and its lighter than air properties. It’s a picture perfect pairing with a good beer, and its an absolute shame that alittle tashi doesn’t have any beers on tap.

But wait, there’s more! These bar snacks were just the prelude to a stunningly sumptuous meal.

Very salty... Not sure if it suppose to eat it with rice?

Intriguing in its name and combination, this dish fell short in terms of taste.
We were expecting some popping flavours from the escargots and bone marrow which turned out rather flat. Even the fried rice could do with some salt on top of just the pungent garlic taste.
The melted mozzarella with furikake was a bar bite pleaser though. Gotta have it hot while stretching the cheese to mix in the furikake and this would be 1 good snack with an iced cold beer.
From the decor to its range of bar bites and bigger bites, we felt that this would probably be more of a place to chill over some drinks.