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All The Batter - Avocado & Natural Foods (Adelphi Park)

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We are Singapore's first Avocado Themed Cafe! We specialise in Avocado foods which are delicious and healthy! Serving your favourite Avocado in both sweet and savoury ways, we are known for our Avocado Cakes, Avocado Desserts, Avocado Drinks and Fresh Avocado Smash on Toasts! Our foods are created sincerely and refreshingly to bring out the natural goodness of Avocados. With our mission of 'Making Lives All The Batter', we set our minds to make everyone’s daily life much better - through Avocado and Natural Foods!


From the Burpple community

I had the Avocado Chocolate Ganache and Signature Avocado Rhapsody slice. Love the mix of something indulgent with the healthy avocado. Must try must try at all the batter. (:


We ordered their signature Avocado Rhapsody Slice and Avocado Nutty Galore. The cake was moist, but there was nothing special about it. Was disappointed by the Avocado Nutty Galore. The taste of the nuts overwhelmed the milkshake. We had to ask for more chocolate syrup to make it more drinkable.
Total bill = $15.40

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The Avocado Rhapsody slice took us by surprise with its lovely combination of cocoa cake with fresh avocados and rich cream cheese. The unique combination of flavours were not overpowered by the cream cheese as well.

Its definitely worth the $6.50! =)


Avocado Rhapsody Slice - which had alternating layers of chocolate cake and avocado buttercream. The chocolate cake was moist and yummy, while the rich avocado cream was slightly buttery. Embedded in the buttery avocado cream are chunks of soft avocado.

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We had the avocado nutty galore (smoothie) - honey content cut half , whip cream removed . It was refreshing, healthy and rich in flavor and an excellent replacement for a milkshake . The salmon avocado toast used smoked salmon that was not too salty and the lemon wedge was a right size to drizzle the right amount of juice to cut the heaviness . The smashed avocado was fresh ! But the toast was soggy , chef might need to find a solution to keep the toast crispy with nice crunch factor .


The avocado chocolate ganache $9.50 is something different from the normal smoothie and the signature avocado rhapsody slice $6.50 is yummy! Definitely worth the calories.