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All Things Delicious (Arab Street)

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*Halal-certified We believe in the beauty of making from scratch and going back to basics. We seek comfort in traditional methods and recipes made using natural ingredients. We are here to satisfy your cravings for delicious, no-fuss foods. And All Things Delicious is a halal bakery offering simple, comforting and wholesome foods by mother-of-two and passionate baker, Dewi Imelda Wadhwa (Mel). With her philosophy of baking from scratch and in small batches, Mel’s meticulous attention to detail has won her a cult following. Some people cannot imagine breakfast without Mel’s Houseblend Granola and some just stick to the Sticky Toffee Pudding. She hopes that you’ll find your own favourite.

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I came to this cafe many times and the scones were always sold out. Finally got my hands on one today (my second time having the scone), and I felt kinda cheated. I saw on the racks with bigger sized scones but perhaps I did a takeaway, they chose an extremely small one for me.

Part of their weekday set lunch menu that gives you complimentary soup of the day or dessert. I chose dessert - small slice of nutty cake with a layer of chocolate sauce on top.

Chicken breast+pesto+tomato+brie+sauce that taste like subway sweet onion between hot pressed ciabatta. Sandwich comes with a side of salad that seems to have no dressing so I did not touch that (maybe I should have added that to my sandwich in hindsight😂)

Sandwich is nicely toasted. I like the sauce and bread but chicken breast is chicken breast - dry. Decent cafe sandwich at cafe prices. Will I go for the sandwiches again? I don’t know. Not the ones with chicken probably.

At first glance, the tart looks shallow and I was worried the crust will be too thick and filling too little. I bought it because I was craving for chocolate tart😂

The crust is thick and buttery - in this case the thickness is just right because the dark chocolate and caramel is so rich, gooey and thick that you need a nice buttery crust to balance the richness.

More filling would have made this tart too gelat to finish. Dark chocolate sea salt caramel combo never fails. I like the tart and will definitely buy it again.

However, when I cut into it I noticed a huge blob of super sweet icing. Then I realised it must have been the icing they used to stick the tart base to the “tart holder” ( I have no idea what’s it called). Remember to check the bottom and scrap them off.

I saw they have naked dark chocolate sea salt caramel cake too. Will give that a try next time

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Came across this place as highly recommended by the Burpple community. I'm staying at PanPacifc and this place is easily accessible. Very Western dominant vibes with touches of middle eastern spices and fusions that make this place a bit unique. The wholesome breakfast pictured here was nothing out of the ordinary, though what I would suggest is ordering from their amazing array of fresh pastries, scones, etc and grabbing a coffee. The vibe is fresh, clean, and quite relaxing. Easy breakfast translates to an easy day. Nice spot, would recommend.

What to pair with a cup of Americano?
Orange-infused Sugee Cake ($39)!! It was flavourful but wasn't too dense and heavy.

Their quality of bakes never fails to amaze me!
Indeed, so Delicious 😋

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A brand new hip coffee brand from Kyoto just opened up on Arab Street but the whole neighbourhood of Kampong Glam in Singapore already boasts a number of very good cafes that have their own strengths. For eg. Muslim-owned @allthingsdelicious, a place I recently took my parents and relatives visiting from the U.K. and New Zealand, for an afternoon snack.
We ordered drinks (the ginger and lychee lassi is lovely), a couple of freshly made sandwiches (their Tuna Melt and the hot-pressed Sriracha Chicken are really appetising with a nice kick of spice plus they both have a generous amount of filling), and a tall slice of Gula Melaka cake (it’s honestly, one of the best I’ve had in a long time and my Aunty Siew Leng was full of praises for it too).
If you are an ice-cream lover, their Affogato which has the coffee served in a cup you can cradle, will be very appealing because they give double scoops of vanilla ice-cream.
I have noticed that this cafe is always full because many people drop in for their bakes which are produced fresh on the premises daily. Here are a few of their offerings you can pick from to enjoy with a cuppa or to take away: sweet or savoury scones, assorted tarts, sticky date pudding and more.