Established since 1993, S11 takes pride in selecting a good mix of cuisine ranging from appetizers to main course, drinks and snacks for each outlet.

711 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
Singapore 560711

12:00am - 12:00am

12:00am - 12:00am

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planned to whack $20 per pax but i guess i was too noob. the set up of the selection phase only allows one person to take the ingredients at any given time. so if there's a joker who's choosing his/her ingredients like choosing a lifetime partner. good luck to u. loved the intestines and pork belly. and if you want maggie, u need to order from the stall holder. opted for medium spicy today but felt weak. maybe i will go for big spicy next time during the weekend. so i can be on standby to run toilet. ok. tmi. 8 per pax. #malaxiangguo #ggwp #heigous #burpple #sgfood

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To be able to find this hidden western stall in this relatively big coffee shop requires some effort. But when you find it, you will probably think it's worth it!

Chose the salted egg chicken chop because it's one of the more "novel" creations besides the usual items that you will find in a western stall. Guess the salted egg trend is still ongoing.

That piece of meat presented right in front of me was even bigger than 2 of my palms combined, can you imagine! It's sturdy, with a crispy deep-fried bread crumb exterior on a piece of tender chicken. Eat it as you coat the meat with the salted egg yolk sauce that's splattered over, it's really a good combination of 2 strong flavours. The salted egg yolk sauce is creamy and dense, although it's not that salty and powdery. But I am not complaining because it went well with the savoriness of the chicken meat, especially when the oiliness from deep frying comes into play. I could also taste the egg yolk bits in the sauce. What's more, there were also curry leaves and chili padi in the sauce for that spicy fragrance. The only slight thing if I would have to pick on, is the chicken might have been over-fried. The crumbs were a little too dark coloured.

At $7.50, other than this gigantic chicken cutlet, there's also a piece of toasted crispy baguette, french fries, coleslaw and baked beans on the side. Really worth it, easily feeds 2.

Just found out online that the original stall owner has moved out some time ago. But I guess, trying it out without knowing any background of the stall does help in giving honest opinion.


After eyeing this store for months, finally got to try it! (the queue is always there)

The Mala wasn't too salty or spicy but it still is satisfying. Especially love the fen tiao. Measured by weight based on meat and veggie also means I get to try more variety of 料. Wait time isn't that long, prolly just 10minutes with a long queue!

($13 for this bowl, for 2)

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Love the affordable Mala XG from this place. Never fail to satisfy my craving! But the aftermath is always a tingling sensation to your tummy.

with all my must-have ingredients- luncheon meat, maggi mee and lotus roots 😌
comfort food during this busy period at work. One more day to weekend! 🤩

A pretty average bowl, their prices go by weight and are a little more steep. Ingredients were fresh and while the flavours were strong without being overly salty, was hoping for the ingredients to soak up the flavours more thoroughly. Spice level here is more mild!

📍e 品红麻辣香锅
S-11 AMK
711 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8


I'm craving for some #BBQ #ChickenWings that's juicy and tender and the #chilli is da bomb! Had this at AMK S11 beside Jubilee. There's only one stall selling this so you can't miss it!
Don't forget to share your food reviews to #foodreviewssg #foodreviewsasia
Happy lunching!

BBQ chicken wings—Sweet and charred… messy to eat, but rather satisfying to enjoy over cheeky conversations.

Salted egg custard filling was rather disappointing and not properly mixed, but very accessible place

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So far this still my favorite stall...really have the same taste as the original prawn mee from Penang.

Too heaty and sick to try. Will be back soon. Notice they serve mee rebus, mee siam, curry chicken noodles too...

It's that time to have pig organ soup again. Especially when sick and weak. Pretty good, soup is more of the salted vegetable taste, liver was soft and powdery(i kinda like it like this). Dipped it with dark soya sauce and chili. .. shiok!

Good Popiah with a more garlic taste!!! Chilli wasn't very spicy too! So sad I'm only trying this now that I'm shifting out of the amk neighborhood (after staying around here for more than 5 years tsk)

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This bowl of awesome goodness will cost you only $4. Robust prawny broth that many Singapore style prawn mee soup lacks! Beware of the grumpy owner :x

Not mine but I "stole" 4 fattest slices for supper after only two basketball natches. 😂😋. It would deserve a 100/100 with additional chilli padis though!

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