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The Ampang Kitchen is a home-catering establishment that serves up authentic Singapore Peranakan food for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home!

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It tastes every bit as good too!
The early birds among our group who were at @theampangkitchen for lunch were fortunate enough to catch Uncle Raymond and one of his helpers in action as they prepared Fried Hokkien Mee for a catering order. Yes, apart offering a private dining experience in the comfort of their spacious home, you can also cater from The Ampang Kitchen. And this dish which costs $60 and can feed about 10 pax, is only one of the many items listed in their extensive menu. Uncle Raymond was kind enough to give us a plate to share and all of us couldn’t stop raving about it. I was especially taken by the gravy which was so silky and decadent from the luxuriously saturated stock and fragrant from the amount of garlic and fried pork lard used.
What I think many of us will appreciate about ordering from David and Uncle Raymond (you can choose to self-collect or have the food delivered for a fee), is that they can prepare only one dish if that’s what you want. The serving size and price of each item is fixed though. However if you are attending a potluck party, or just having people over for a meal, it is the ideal solution as you just select what you like.
They also pay attention to ensuring the dish tastes as good as possible when you serve it. For eg. when it comes to their bestselling Penang Rojak, its various components of housemade sauce, cut vegetables and fruit, century egg, “youtiao” etc. are packed separately. So when you toss them altogether right before serving, that Penang Rojak is going to taste simply divine.

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Last Saturday, I organised another makan session at The Ampang Kitchen. While many of us in the group had dined there before, for a few, it was their virgin trip. I am pleased to report the meal was a success as the feedback was so positive, with the Kueh Pie Tee, Penang Rojak (both personal favourites of mine), Prawn Noodles Soup and Chendol being the mega hits. We were surprised by Uncle Raymond and David with a serving of their Prawn and Mango Kechai, a relatively new addition to their menu. I fell in love with this #Asiansalad instantly as it reminded me very much of their Banana Flower Kechai, another salad of theirs that has been my must-have on practically every visit. The large fresh prawns, pieces of unripe mango were tossed with fried shallots, onions and herbs in a very tasty dressing with a dollop of coconut cream. I highly recommend giving it a try when you dine at the Ampang Kitchen.


One of my all-time favourite Asian desserts is the Chendol, and @theampangkitchen does an outstanding version. They even make those squiggly green jelly bits from scratch in-house (I’ve posted a video some time back showing how it’s done).
Besides the perfect ratio of creamy coconut milk to the fragrant sweetness of gula melaka, texture is a big deal for me. That’s why I appreciate that at #theampangkitchen, the large kidney beans are boiled till they are on the mushy side and the ice is shaved fine enough.
By the way, the other desserts of Pulut Hitam and Kuih Ketayap by Uncle Raymond and his son David, are equally fabulous. Every time I have to decide which to pick to have for dessert, I get a headache 😆 #thegreediswillingbutthestomachprotests.


The version at The Ampang Kitchen is not authentic type. Uncle Raymond has tweaked it in a good way. The soup came across rich and robust from the long hours of boiling prawn shells, chicken and pork bones to draw the flavours. The meatball is also soft, tender and airy packed with crab meat, prawn and bamboo shoot. If you have a sharp tongue, you will taste fermented beans in it. Uncle William has added them into his soup to elevate the flavour. Other unusual ingredients found in the soup are mushroom and tang oh, which is not usually served in bakwan kepiting.
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Kueh Dadar by another name, this was as exemplary an example you'll find anywhere. The invitingly green crepe was redolent with fragrant pandan, holding within its soft, pillowy folds a mixture of crushed toasted sesame seeds and gula melaka-stained grated coconut. It was finished with a generous dollop of lush coconut cream. A fittingly sweet end to a fantastic Peranakan feast and I'll definitely be back for more at this inviting private dining venue.

Make reservations with uncle Raymond at ‪96187107 or alternatively, email his son at

Taste: 4/5


Currently my favourite rendition, Ampang Kitchen's buah keluak fried rice ticks all the right boxes - the flavour of the fruit is at the forefront, suffusing every grain of smoky rice with a rich, nutty, earthiness. Eaten on its own it can get a little overwhelming, luckily chef Raymond recommended we have it together with a very refreshing banana flower salad which helped cut through the heaviness of the rice.

Taste: 4/5