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An Acai Affair (Katong)

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At An Acai Affair, we are committed to sourcing the freshest and finest ingredients for our delicious acai bowls and smoothies. We aim to raise greater awareness about acai and its various health benefits, and to make acai bowls more accessible and affordable to people of all ages and lifestyles.

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I loved this. There was a generous dollop of chia seed pudding at the bottom. Eating this cup of açaí felt like digging through a treasure trove to find the long awaited treasure of glorious chia seed pudding at the bottom of the cup. Yummy and refreshing, it was well made for a light dinner.

Triple A: Acai with fresh fruits and superfoods (ie Goji berries, chia seeds, coconut shavings)
2. Coco-glow: Acai with coconut sobert, fresh fruits and superfoods

Açai base: Their açai base tasted very chocolatey and was really TOO sweet for my liking. I would rate the sweetness level 8/10 and it make me feel super jelat, sinful and diabetic after finishing the large size. I think people with a sweeter tooth would probably love their açai blend. For a person who love the natural taste of berries, especially how the subtle sweetness is coupled with slight tanginess, I feel that the açai tangy taste is masked by the STRONG chocolatey aftertaste. Nonetheless, I really applauded them for their concentrated açai blend that was not too icy not too melted when served… just that i really find it overly sweet

Coconut Sorbet: For the coco glow, the layers of coconut sorbet really added a nice icy and refreshing texture to the açai blend. As the coconut sorbet is slightly less sweet (6.5/10) than the açai base and was icy, it toned down the overall sweetness of the whole bowl (which was less jelat for me). However, I was quite disappointed because the coconut flavour profile was really mild and subtle and was easily masked by the chocolatey-tasting acai base. Wished the coconut flavour was more pronounced. I kind of feel like rather than complementing with the açai blend, the addition of the coconut sorbet was just to make it less sweet but also diluted at the same time.

Between their triple A and coco-glow, I would recommend the triple A although it was sweeter…probably because i feel that when people eat açai bowls, they would want it to be concentrated rather than diluted. The addition of the coconut sorbet was refreshing/less jelat but it didn’t gave me the “complete” feels that i am having an açai bowl.

To be continued in the comments section... #burpple #burpplebeyond #jyacaieats

Havent had acai in a while, felt like the consistency of their acai became better. This place is v generous w toppings!

Super yummy but rather pricey at 14.90$ (largest cup)
Good for sharing for 2 :)

the combination of the fruits, granola, almond butter, and other toppings made this so yummy!!! i love how generous they are with the toppings 👍🏼 if you are a fan of acai, u’ve got to try this!!! one of the most satisfying bowls of acai i’ve ever had (‘: the large size is just nice for a meal haha 💯 and the ambience here is great!! love the aesthetic wall, perfect for taking photos 🌈 would highly recommend almond butter or cookie butter! both are amazing 🥰

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what i got: triple A large w cookie butter
price: $13.90
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it was really tasty and was good in such a hot weather! a great alternative to ice cream/yoghurt if you love fruits. very filling as well 👍🏻

the place itself had few seats but a good place to hang out with friends because of the good vibes 😚

will be back to try the other items on the menu!

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