[CLOSED] Angelina (Capitol Piazza)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * A coveted tearoom from Paris known for its delicatessen and rich heritage. A worldwide symbol of the French "Art de Vivre".


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Happy weekend! Finally, after a long hard week.
Looking pretty, this rose had a crunchy crumbly exterior, encasing light rose mousse with a raspberry-lychee heart. The flavours are ok, but probably not good enough for me as a $14 cake.

With all these deals and no customers in tea time, I think it's time they stop continually raising their prices lol. Anyway the hot chocolate was definitely thick, but while it was bitter enough there was this aftertaste which doesn't impress. Not sure if it's because their quality is inconsistent since some people swear by it, or maybe cos I prefer a sweeter variety, but all I can say is that even if it's not up ur alley, it's definitely worth the price because u can't find something this rich just anywhere


Signature Mont blanc is 15++ so u know there's something extra in this. Turns out this was the only dessert we didn't finish. It's not as bad as the critics say and it's not as good as it could have been in the original store I presume, but it's more like after a while you just don't want to continue eating alr. Even the presentation was lacklustre and I'm sure you can find Mont blanc for half the price that are of better quality. Tbh I only noticed the chestnut in the middle and the cream, so dk what separates it from the signature Mont blanc lol


Mango passion fruit and coconut flavours. Combines really well for a fruity, light cake. And trust me with the thickness of the hot chocolate, this is everything u can ask for

Btw since the menu change, cheesecake cassis and chocolate tarts are gone :(


Really nice texture. Not sure how I would describe this, sort of like a marshmallow but not really. The light caramel flavour combined rather well with the chocolate base layers


I was so disappointed by Angelina! I’ve been to the one in Paris, and even if it is expensive the quality of the food was good. Here, it is not the case!
The caesar salad was made with some mayonnz and no caesar dressing, there was almost no parmesan and the chicken was still pink inside. The bread in the club sandwich was still white instead of being well toasted. The french fries smelt old oil...
Every dish is around 25SGD++ it is way too much expensive!
The hot chocolat was good but it wasnt served with whipped cream as it should be.

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