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From the Burpple community

Sawadee Ka! Looking for an affordable yet delicious thai food around Shenton way area? Time to visit @21angkorwat and try some of their mouthwatering thai dishes.

We have tasted the following dishes on a Friday evening to commence our TGIF:
🍽 Superior Tom Yum Soup ($9.90)
🍽 Basil Seafood ($7)
🍽 Pork Belly ($6)
🍽 Pandan Chicken ($6)
🍽 Mango Sticky Rice ($5.50)

My personal favourite would be the superior tom yum soup, the tom yum soup is tasty and the spicy level is just right to my liking. The chef is generous with the seafood (e.g. tiger prawns, octopus, fish fillet).

Definitely a recommended thai food place for those working in CBD area to visit during lunch hours and dinner gathering with friends!

Thank you @nikolai.wee & @munch.app for extending the invite and @21angkorwat for warm hosting & yummy thai delights!

For now, they are offering Thai cuisine, and I liked their Crispy Pork Belly, while their Thai Red Curry really packs a punch!

Thanks @21angkorwat for the warm hospitality and @wishuponatart for extending the invite!

This is another lunch & dinner choice for CBD people.😋 Personally I like their tom yum soup (tangy and rich) and crispy pork belly (love the dipping sauce that went with it).

I had their 5-course Feast ($43.90, for 4-6 pax), comes with the following dishes, plus 4 rice & drinks:
🔸Basil Seafood
🔸Tom Yum Soup 🌟 fave!
🔸Tofu Tod
🔸Cashew Chicken
🔸Crispy Pork Belly 🌟

21 Ang Kor Wat
76 Shenton Way #01-01

Thanks to @21angkorwat @munch.app @sqtop for having me. #dinewithflorence #burpple #21angkorwat #21angkorwatsg #munchmunchmunch #thaifood #thaicuisine #foodstagram #foodblogger #foodbloggerjkt #foodbloggerindonesia

Tasted the following:
▪️Superior Tom Yum Soup ($9.90)
▪️Basil Seafood ($7.00)
▪️Crispy Pork Belly ($6.00)
▪️Pandan Chicken ($6.00)
▪️Mango Sticky Rice ($5.50)
Conviently located along a major trunk road in Singapore's Central @21angkorwat offers a wide variety of mouthwatering authentic thai dishes!
Their signature Fried Pork Belly, marinated for 24hrs served with house roasted rice dipping sauce is a must order! While we were dining in, a customer walked in and specifically enquired the availability of their pork belly to take-away. 😮
Superior Tomyum soup came with clear Tomyum broth with Kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, clams, calamari, fish Fillet, oyster mushroom and baby corn with a choice of rice or rice noodles.😋 Pandan chicken is a must order for sharing, consist of fried chicken marinated with aromatic spices wrapped in fragrant pandan leaves. Yummy!
To end off, Mango sticky rice is one of the excellent choice with soft, delightful sticky textured glutinous rice served with fresh mango and sweet coconut milk.
Overall, it's definitely an affordable and excellent place to dine in be in solo, duo or groups! 👍🏻
76 Shenton Way
Singapore 079119
Opening hours 🕙
Mon - Fri 1100 - 1500
Mon - Fri 1730 - 2130
Sat 1200 - 1430
Closed on Sunday
Thank you @nikolai_wee & @munch.app for the invite and @21angkorwat for the warm host 🙆🏻‍♂️
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This bucket which contains a host of ingredients (crayfish, prawns, shellfish..etc) are boiled, tossed in their signature sauce and are gently pour directly on your table as you use your bare hands to pry open those shells and slurp up the sauces! Very tasty and Shiok and best to share in a small group! Gloves and aprons will be provided for this so not to worry about staining your hands and clothes!
Thks to @wishuponatart for the invite and @21angkorwat for hosting!

The restaurant is inspired by the iconic Buddhist Temple Ang Kor Wat.
It is this harmonisation of cultures that inspire their food of different Asian background and origins.
Currently, serving a Thai menu, slowly expand into cuisines of other South East Asian regions.
Featuring the 5-course Feast ($43.90) good for 4-6 pax, comes with 4 free drinks & 4 bowls of rice.
Thai Milk Tea & Lemongrass drinks were served
P2: Tom Yum Soup
Aromatic Tom Yum with Tiger Prawns, Calms, Calamari, Fish Fillet, Oyster Mushroom
Very appetising, very flavourful. Personal favourite
P3: Cashew Chicken
Stir fried chicken & roasted cashew in special sauce
Fresh, tender, succulent chicken with crunchy cashew nuts.
P4: Crispy Pork Belly
Fried Pork Belly marinated for 24 hours, served with house roasted rice dipping sauce.
Crispy, fatty pork belly with deep flavour from the marinate.
P5: Basil Seafood.
Basil stir fried prawns, squids, mussels, baby corn & mushroom.
A melody of seafood fir seafood lovers.
P5: Tofu Tod
Crispy Fried tofu cubes served with freshly made spicy peanut sauce.
Adore the tofu especially with freshly cut of the papaya & mango strips.
Ang Kor Wat
76 Shenton Way
# 01-01
S 079119
Tel: 9821 3200
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 11am - 2:30pm; 5:30am - 9:30pm
Sat: 11am - 2:30pm.
Closed on Sundays.
#21angkorwat #21angkorwatsg
Thank you Ying Zhong @munch.app for invite; Joel @21angkorwat for having us
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