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From the Burpple community

So how does it work here? They don’t have a menu for their meat items. You go to the counter and choose what you want. There are pork, beef and lamb in the form of sausages, bratwursts, ribs, etc.

So choose what you want and they’ll grill it for you. The meat dish doesn’t come with sides. If you want, you’ll need to order separately from the menu above the counter.

The price varies between the meat items.

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The mashed potato was fluffy. The sauce was great. Same sauce as the one that comes with the grilled meat.

This is RM6.90.

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In a place known for its pork, I chose a non-pork dish since I don’t eat pork.

As this place is always full, best to do reservation. The don’t have a menu per se but they do list non-meat items on a board above the counter. They have quite a selection of salad and pasta.

The aglio olio I ordered was al dente. Amount of olive oil is ok, not overwhelming. Good amount of mushrooms and dried chilli flakes.

This was RM18.50.

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And to all you meat-lovers in Cheras, head on down to Anne Elizabeth now. Check out the variety of meats they have at the counter and build your meal from there.

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