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From the Burpple community

This is the most genius dish that brings Western and Singapore's taste in one plate. Coconut gelato hiding the sautéed prawns, sitting on top of the laksa risotto. My risotto looks wet because I took soo long to get a nice angle that my gelato melts. Nevertheless, it's still a lovely dish.


This's an interesting cocktail creation by #nuevovino. Teh will never taste the same again. Egg foam, teh cocktail and bubble tea pearls! Paired with you tiao! You can only get this in Singapore lor. SG50 muacks!

Also by Átipico's home Chef Matteo Pertoldi. $6, really tiny so it's pretty expensive but yum. The artisanal cone tastes a little like love letters, with a hint of sesame. Together with creamy burrata cheese and slightly sour-tasting perino tomatoes confit, and basil cress - everything goes well together.


The best representation of mango sticky rice ever. Chunks of fresh sweet mango buried in coconut rice pudding ice cream, with thick toasted coconut flesh and (sticky) rice crispy on the white chocolate coating. I surrender to you, Neh Neh Pop!


$7 from Neh Neh Pop but I loved it! Hidden fresh mango chunks with coconut rice pudding beneath; double coated with white chocolate, toasted coconut flakes and rice krispie bits. Best part? It doesn't melt fast!


At the 9MCM Jubilee Marketplace (Jun 20-21 at 9 Muthuraman Chetty Rd), came across this little gem on level 2 by Átipico. $13 for a small bowl, but it was good. Named for its fusion of local and Italian flavour - laksa risotto, coconut gelato, sautéed prawn. Coconut gelato was geeeeeenius, a little scoop of it atop the piping hot perfectly cooked risotto, melting bit by bit giving a great milky coconut flavour. Chef Matteo Pertoldi is a home chef so no restaurants, only cooks at events and whatsoever. Glad i got to try it!