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Reviews at Arkadaş Cafe

Reviews of good food at Arkadaş Cafe

Set comes with soup and main for $12.90. Reasonably flavourful but a tad pricey. Location is quite charming though.

This cafe is highly inaccessible and probably difficult to find because it's almost hidden, but walk through its doors and you'll immediately find yourself in an urban jungle - high ceiling and glass windows plastered with plants on the outside, with a steady stream of water trickling down one side of the restaurant; the ambience is 10/10.

Food wise, they're not frivolous. The selection is small, but they offer the essentials of kebabs and Turkish breads. The Baked Salmon ($14.90) was lightly marinated, moist and tender - a good choice for a light meal and definitely get the rice to go with it. The Sis Chicken Kebab ($14), while having good flavour, is small in portion and had some parts overcooked. I was also expecting long grain rice to be served but these felt like the usual white rice we have, albeit less sticky and having great flavour. I also had the hummus with pita bread ($7.90) which fell short of expectations because the bread simply didn't have the 'pita' quality.

In short, the ambience is amazing but the dishes aren't quite authentic, and for that I find the food overly priced.

A super tiny cup of coffee that you can finish in a few sips. It's probably good for the fans of Americano but... Not my cup of "coffee" 😂

Ground coffee is boiled in a small pot and poured into this pretty small cup, it's pretty, and also pretty small 😁. The coffee grounds are unfiltered so let them settle at the bottom of the cup before drinking. I read that people invert the settlements in the cup onto the saucer for fortune telling.

I had the coffee sugarfree. It's very fragrant, I think my favorite spice, cardamom is added! Mmmm. Smells just like Cyprus coffee. I googled and I think they share some common history. Quite bitter but creamy and rich but it's ok as it's a small cup.

*Disclaimer : No turkey is harmed in this post.

Hummus plated beautifully! I wished the pita bread was more fluffy. The first time I ate handmade pita and Hummus was at the kebab stall at one of the Woodlands MRT station Pasar Malam. In my hummus opinion 😁 that pita and Hummus are still my favorite.

The restaurant so hidden that the staff came out all the way to the traffic lights to usher us 101/100 points for customers service!

Baked Salmon. Simply baked with onions, olive oil, and lemon. Great with their butter rice!

The restaurant so hidden that the staff came out all the way to the traffic lights to usher us 101/100 points for customers service!

Chicken kebab roll with salad and soup that never showed up $12.90+ the salad tasted fresh and though there wasn't much meat. The meat was well seasoned :)

Really liked the hummus but the bread was a bit tough and wished it was slightly thinner

Spicy lamb and beef mixed Kebap which is tender and succulent. The rice was good too. Flavoured rice completes this dish well.

Excellent cheese and pita bread. There's olive oil and spices to create different flavour for the dip. Nice!!!

Very fresh greens with really good olive oil. The olives are not too salty making the salad an excellent starter.

Pretty value for meal. This set of tasty Chicken Kebab costs $12++. Pretty reasonable for the portion.^(oo)^

Super super super amazing. Thick and authentic tomato soup. The amount was just right and wasn't too salty. The right combination with the Turkish bread with a crispy crust!

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