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Having been around since 1949 but queues at Armenian Street Char Kway Teow have gotten longer and longer since the cockles-related phrase shot to fame. Besides, remember who the MP of that area is now? 😉 Be prepared to queue for the uncle fries only one precious plate at a time. It was a pity that they had ran out of cockles already at 5pm, but we were still fortunate enough to get ourselves a plate of the wok hei-filled noodles with each strand coated by the sweet dark soy sauce. What was delightful was not just the crispy pork lard and lup cheongs, but the aromatic garlic and chye por (preserves radish) of extra crunchiness.

Check out their business hours and waiting time on their Facebook page before heading down at https://m.facebook.com/ArmenianStreetCharKwayTeow/.

There are bits of lard, cockles and Chinese sausage but the noodles lack that distinct smoky savoury quality that makes this dish outstanding, with most of its flavour coming from the sweet dark soy sauce. It’s still worth supporting such stores because you might never get to eat them again once they’re gone.

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Possibly the best CKT in the heartlands of Seng Kang but won't fall within the top 5 CKT in SG

Also available in $4 portion

WAITING TIME: 10min at 6pm on a Tuesday evening

Wok hei is not prominent
Size of cockles is small
Better than the average food court/coffeeshop CKT

WILL WE RETURN? Yes if we are in Seng Kang and craving for CKT

The much raved CKT in Sengkang. I had high expectations upon reading the reviews but was disappointed with the tiny cockles (not even the size of a 5 cents coin) and worst, there were only 3 pieces of cockles. The CKT was kinda bland (could only taste the sweet sauce) but the flavourful lup cheong saved it a little. Not my kind of CKT.

One of my favorite char kway teow with juicy cockles. Good wok hei and tasty kway teow. Yummy yummy yum yum yum. Posted by Ah Leong San 2016 October 5.


One of the last few traditional char kway teow practitioners. The chef learned from his father. Now his relatives with his teaching and blessings started same name stalls over Singapore. The wok hei is good plus there are bits of crispy lard that make the dish yummy yummy yum yum. Posted by Ah Leong San 2016 January 8.