Deviant Middle Eastern food. Not the kind of thing you'll ever get in the Middle East itself. We love doing things differently, and hate conforming to so-called 'norms'. Communal plates, cool music, chummy service, no pretentious bullshit, nuff said.

161 Middle Road
Singapore 188978

06:30pm - 10:30pm

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06:30pm - 10:30pm

06:30pm - 10:30pm

06:30pm - 10:30pm



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A deconstructed dessert that is filled with apples and apricots, as well as pomegranate, nuts and crispy brown sugar kataifi flakes, complete with an apple pie softie and supported by a tart base, I don't exactly know what I was expecting when I ordered this but I suppose I thought that it would be a stellar rendition of the apple pie. That said, this dessert felt rather underwhelming instead. It is not a bad dessert, as individual components they are great, but as a whole, there is not much to this. I guess you can't really change up the flavour of an apple pie dessert? πŸ˜“

As pricey as this might be, I can say in a heartbeat that this is by all means worth what you pay.

Essentially two eggs baked in a skillet with spiced tomato sauce, slow cooked lamb shoulder, green chilli harissa, kewpie yoghurt and with pita served on the side, this is one dish that is guaranteed to please you greatly with pretty intricate flavours in the tomato stew and none of that gamey nonsense from the amazingly tender braised lamb. Definitely worthy of being a huge game changer to any other baked eggs or equivalent dishes you've had before in Singapore. πŸ’£

In this first collaborative mash up, Artichoke and Joo Bar teamed up to present the best of Middle Eastern and Korean flavours over the past two Sundays! The four mains featured here are Crabbibi (soy-marinated crab & maple-infused bacon with za'atar crouton & kimchi), Arti-Joo Fried Chicken, Pig Bang (Bossam-style braised pork sandwiched in pita bread), and Lambbokki (pulled lamb shoulder & fried tteokbokki in gochujang gravy).

My top pick goes to the shish taouk fried chicken. Coated with rice flour and deep-fried to crisp perfection, the lemon juice and yoghurt used in the marinade not only tenderised the meat, but also kept it juicy and flavourful. What really wowed us was the garlicky and deliciously potent toum dip! Make this dish a permanent on the menu, please! #AnnyeongHabibi

πŸ“·: Canon EOS M5, courtesy of Canon Singapore.

In the upcoming #AnnyeongHabibi collaboration between Artichoke and Joo Bar, we're bringing you the clash of Middle Eastern-Korean grub for two consecutive Sundays.
Gather your greediest buddies and hit us.

27 August | Artichoke | 1700hrs till late
03 September | Joo Bar | 1700hrs till late

Never ever go to Artichoke for dinner and not order their Hot Skillet Prawns. It's sacrilegious.
This long-time bestseller of theirs has been tweaked of late, and now comes with a few large prawns (it used to be two massive ones). Which makes it a lot easier to share. But to be honest, I love having an entire serving all to myself. And I never fail to get a side of warm pita bread to mop up every drop of the hot and insanely tasty green harissa cream sauce.

Reconstructed into softie paired with apples and apricot chunks. Lastly topped with brown sugar kataifi flakes for that extra crisp.

Be still my heart.

The Artichoke Fried Chicken is some pretty darn good fried chicken. The sweet honey-lemon glazed chicken skin is mighty crispy yet the meat remains incredibly juicy. It's accompanied by a few sides of tahini (toasted ground hulled sesame seeds) coleslaw, Lebanese pickles, paprika fries. There's also a toum garlic dip that goes with everything. Just make sure to bring mints along!

@timchee and I decided to bring his mother, @cheangeelim to @artichoke_sg for Mother's Day Brunch. 😊. 🍴
Lamb shashouka was well balanced with the tanginess from the tomatoes & yoghurt and tenderness of the lamb. Imam bayildi (Grilled eggplant, halloumi and kranji Mushrooms ) it has a super good sauce that goes w it. Maple glazed bacon and crab pate toast. Rye bread was a bit too hard. But crab was delicious and maple glazed bacon was a bit like maple glazed ham. πŸ˜‹ 🍴
Overall good experience at @artichoke_sg , although there was a strange pair of customers that insisted on taking our corner table. We relented to being shifted (since the sun was so glaring at the seat anyway πŸ˜‚). But kudos to them for offering our coffee to be on the house when we agreed to be shifted. πŸ˜„
#burpple #sgcafe #artichoke #sgfood

I tried to behave today and pick a healthier brunch. So the vegetarian "Imam Bayildi" was what I zoomed in on. This new-ish dish turned out to be a real treat as it was surprisingly substantial, with some of my all-time favourites partying together like no tomorrow!
I've always been a sucker for the salty, squeaky yumminess of haloumi cheese since discovering it for the first time right here in Artichoke. To have it with juicy, meaty mushrooms, smoky grilled eggplant and soft, sweet caramelised onions was extra enjoyable. Lining the bowl was a luscious purΓ©ed sauce of burnt peppers that worked wonders with everything too.

This is an evolution of a creation by Chef Jolene at one of Artichoke's "Young Guns Brunch Takeover" event that took place many months ago. It's all "grown up" now to become a streamlined, elegant thing but still packing that in-your-face flavour combination.
Renamed the "Bacon & Crab Sandwich", this has a slab of the infamous Artichoke maple-glazed bacon and a heap of spicily-seasoned crab pate on a slice of rye sourdough. Bonding these smoky-sweet and savoury elements nicely together are a sunny-side-up fried egg, some refreshing, crunchy cabbage and a fusion form of harissa (which is a Tunisian chilli pepper paste).
If you are seeking something bold for your weekend brunch, this sandwich should do the trick.

After a big Friday/Saturday night out, when your hangover is calling out for something substantial but you don't want anything meaty, this concoction would do nicely.
Artichoke's "Ful Medames" is a vegetarian bean stew that's pumped up with spices, pickles, tahini lemon dressing and fermented butter. Plonked in that pan of mooshiness is a soft-boiled egg for extra protein. Grab one of the accompanying warm grilled Turkish toast to dunk-scoop the piping hot goodness non-stop, direct to your mouth, and you'll start feeling human again very quickly.

I love (love love) Artichoke and the beautiful space tucked away in Sculpture Square. The enclave on the inside, underneath the glass ceiling beside the concrete wall is my fave - I always ask for that section when making a reso for a larger group.

This dish is one that keeps bringing me back for brunch/lunch. Probably my favourite thing to order (next to the cauliflower sabbich), the chicken is beautifully marinated and fried to a perfect crisp. You get about 3 pieces, perfect to share so that you can try many of the other gems on the menu. Served with seasoned chips, red cabbage coleslaw and in-house made pickles.


This was one of the first things I ever had at Artichoke, and I still always order it when I come here. An open faced pita sandwich with fried cauliflower, Israeli salad, hummus + labneh and rocket leaves. The fried cauliflower is charry, divine and so moreish. Working your way through a dish (well, sandwich) this complex is basically a party for your tastebuds - every bite (depending on what you scoop up on your spoon) is always a little different.

There's also a smoked egg, but it's not my fave - I've been spoiled by all the hanjuku eggs out there. πŸ™Š


Not what I expected for brunch, but the Fried Chicken ($24) came w 3 massive pieces of drumlet/wings!!! Meat was so moist that the honey-lemon glazed batter kept sliding off the juicy meat. Loved the light toum (garlic whip/dip) that tasted so good w everything (fries, chicken, pita). Order this to share if you're not a big eater!

After hearing me constantly rave over Artichoke, my sister had high hopes coming here with me to eat. (She's the pickiest eater.) And trust me, she didn't even bother talking to me throughout lunch, because she was too busy eating her food. What amazes me always is how Artichoke takes such simple vegetables like this cauliflower, and completely transforms it to a whole new level of yum and satisfying. It makes you eat vegetables without thinking you're eating vegetables - you feel me? And they balance the flavours so well, that you will happily mop up everything (with their delicious pita bread) and luxuriate in every final bite. I swear - if my parents had brought me here when I was five, I think I'd actually enjoy eating vegetables. Typing this has made me hungry again. Help. πŸ˜‚

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