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From the Burpple community

This was such a delightful, refreshing salad. ($12.90 + $4 for chicken) The salad base consists of kale, lettuce and spinach and its sprinkled with cranberries, crunchy red apple, pecans, feta, edamame, cherry tomato and quinoa. The salad was drizzled with a lemon oregano dressing and also came served with a slice of toasted brioche. Somehow everything just worked and all the flavors melded together beautifully, with the different contrasting textures and flavors. And it was surprisingly filling paired with the chicken and bread.

Its very clean and fresh-tasting, but definitely needed the extra boost of protein from the chicken, which tasted pretty average and definitely not worth $4. The brioche too, was rather dry and crumbly, but still had a nice rich milky flavor.


Upon my first sip of this coffee I was so immediately impressed that I ordered another ($5.80). ABC gets its beans from Toby's Estate, a local specialty coffee roaster.

The nutty flavors were not subtle at all, and just hit me like a flavor bomb. It is a crisp, full-bodied coffee with a low acidity, which gradually increased as it cooled down. I didn't let it cool down much though, the cup was gone before the coffee had turned lukewarm.

And the cafe itself is gorgeous too; such a cosy, inviting environment to do a spot of studying.


Pretty worth it breakfast set of pastry and coffee. Loved the chocolate banana croissant! Crispy and flaky top yet not stingy with the banana filing.

Ordered flat white for this set. Chose the Pain Au Choc as my Pastry. Flaky crispy top with buttery layers. Could do with more choc inside. Not too sweet. I ate the whole thing despite coming straight after lunch.

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Visited the Killiney Road outlet. Was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance - spacious and minimalistic.

We had the truffle mac and cheese, savory waffles, chicken and mushroom quiche and the raspberry chocolate tart.

My favourite was the savory waffles (pictured). Nice texture to the waffles, soft on the inside with a crisp exterior. Bacon and sausages went well with the maple syrup and the other sauce (which presumably was mushroom soup?). Simple but well executed dish.

Truffle mac had a strong truffle taste and scent. Needed a bit of salt and pepper, but was a bit jerlak at the end.

Quiche was a tad dry but has a good base.

The raspberry chocolate tart was a delight. The tartness of the raspberry cut well through the dense (but not overly sweet) chocolate.

Coffee was good as well.

Will return for the waffles and to try their other desserts and pastries!

the arrival of fall has recently rekindled my love for comforting carbs in the form of croissants - here’re two from @artisanboulangerie ; plain and almond! 🥐

the almond croissant (bottom) was buttery and slightly soggy (probably a result of me leaving it out until the next day!), and though i’d say it’s not bad flavour-wise, it does lean toward the sweet side and gets jelat after a while! heard it’s their best-seller though, so i say give it a try fresh and share it with a friend! 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

nevertheless, the real show-stopper was, without a doubt, the plain croissant - it crackles crisply and isn’t too buttery, making it really delicious and checked all the boxes of a perfect pastry! imo a must-try, just make sure you have it warmed! 😌