32 New Market Road
#01-1036 & #01-1152 People's Park Complex Food Centre
Singapore 050032

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10:00am - 09:30pm

10:00am - 09:30pm

10:00am - 09:30pm

10:00am - 09:30pm

10:00am - 09:30pm

10:00am - 09:30pm

10:00am - 09:30pm

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From the Burpple community

I would think this mala xiang guo stall is familiar with most people who are mala lovers, but I just gotta mention about them again! Me and my friend shared this enormous pot of delicious stir fried ingredients with noodles and it isn't too expensive at $24. We did not order any seafood nor beef.

I like how their noodles are still springy, and it isn't too spicy for xiao la or small spice, which is great for people who do not eat much spice. You can still taste the sichuan peppercorn flavours and the umami coming from stir fried onions they added in. The bowl also does not come with large pieces of chilli which most will remove. Definitely a lovely bowl I will have again if I do have any cravings!

Felt like the standards have deproved. It was quite salty and not very spicy at 中辣. The lady also kept putting in xiao bai cai even tho we said we didn't want any. It was not weighed as well. Total costs : 17 dollars.

Similar to YTF concept where we choose and select the ingredients you want except their staff will assist you. Instead of charging by weight, the ingredients are priced affordably at (per portion) $1 for vegetables, $2 - $3 for meat and seafood, $0.50 for rice and $1 for noodles. Each portion size is suitable for 1-2 pax.

We chose ingredients such as lotus root, potato, enoki, sliced fish, luncheon meat and noodles to share. They have 4 spice level - 不辣 Non-Spicy, 小辣 Less Spicy, 中辣 Medium Spicy and 大辣 Super Spicy. We chose to go with less spicy which was alright and good to eat comfortably but felt that we could level up and go for the medium spicy the next round. The peppercorns are fatal, one bite and it caused a numb tingling sensation on my tongue 🥵

I like their version of MXG that was well seasoned and flavourful which leans more on the garlic rather than peppery taste. They are also very generous with the servings of peanut and sesame seeds.

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Went to Ri Ri Hong for the 2nd time to try their mala🤪 Maybe the food cooked today was less fragrant than usual but ordered zhong la and they gave me xiao la HAHAH😅 Portions were filling and they are v generous tho!! Paid $24 for 2 pax for a hugeee bowl so overall ratings 8/10!!🤣 Would visit again and see if the standards would change😇

Eat how much: $18 + 50 cents (rice)
Eat which store: RIRIHONG MALA (the store inside!)
Eat where: People's Park Complex @ Chinatown
Eat nice not: 1.8/5 for the huat
Fun fact: i have a whole album dedicated to all the mala i have eaten
As a mala connoisseur/regular/epicurean/gourmet, this failed to hit me in the mala feels. It was oddly sweet and as 中辣, it was barely spicy and lacked the mala flavour (香). The only flavour i got while eating (not savouring) this was this odd taste of sweet-savoury spiciness. It felt like it was just ingredients unevenly drenched with watery mala-flavoured sauce. 😕
Although i prefer my mala dry and spicy (some people may mala with more gravy), the fact that it failed to achieve the the basic elements of mala (spice, flavour, colour and mala satisfaction) just makes me really disappointed. :( Unlike the usual fluffly moist rice we are used to, it was rather dry. 🥲 I had high hopes for this famous pioneer of mala but alas, it failed to meet my expectations. 🥶
I don't see myself getting this again, also because i don't get to choose my serving of each ingredient. Nonetheless, if you are a person who somehow enjoys mala with a sweeter note and doesn't taste as spicy, this could be a good choice. 👍

Customer can choose 4 level spiciness, from non-spicy, mildly spicy, spicy and very spicy.
This time I chose spicy, shiok 😋.
Can taste the spicy and numbing.
Still my favourite place for mala.
📍Ri Ri Hong Mala Hot Pot
People's Park Hawker Centre, #01-1042

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